Need a R2 DIY Builder to fix my board - Enertion support ghosted me

My R2 has had nothing but problems from day 1

I’ve been sent parts for most things but some things still are getting fooked up due to a lack of experience (not good at DIY) and now my board doesn’t run at all

4mths in a year warranty no support (am I that cheeky, probably). Such a shame its a great board when working.

I need a local DIY expert to fix my board, willing to pay for time, materials and training/education

PM me locality and average costs

HI Stridey

Please contact us via live chat or email so we can fix your problem as soon as possible. Really sorry if we’ve ignored or missed your emails, Please email at [email protected] As we do not miss any query especially the R2 one.

Thanks Carl - I have and have also been very annoying to the point of sending multiple emails having lost faith in what is an excellent product that I’m proud to be an owner of.

However I’m a rider not a builder and when trying to fix stuff im making it worse, sadly to say (just the way it is).

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HI Stridey

Join me over live chat now, we may find a easiest possible solution. :slight_smile:

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where do I find that ? on the enertion web site ?

yup. just head on over to the enertion website and there should be a little chat bubble in the bottom right

@GrecoMan Thank you so much!

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Would you please list the issues you had?

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And where are you so someone can help get it running and then have a go on it!

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Where is LOCAL exactly. Also list your problems.


So did get all those issues taken care of by enertion?

I had my Raptor 2 for 1 week now, I’m having a blast, not the fastest board I have but a really nice feeling to ride on it, ultra stable.

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Yeah man. Its a solid board. Super fun to cruise around on!

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Still in repair …waiting on parts