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Need a single set key

I need 3x3x18mm keyway piece for my enertion pulley because mine fell out while riding. Suggestions?

home depot? worse case scenario you get a nail, hammer it square and cut it to length


Enter 3mm key steel in Ebay.
Hey presto.

you can also use a small 3mm bolt - this is what Torqueboards/DIYes uses - more torque to tighten and easier to remove. Super easy to strip those small set screws. As long as there are two to balance out…

@Karmannghiagirl is gangsta.

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i have an assortment like this - $12’ish:

edit - you need a keyway piece, not set screw. whoops. (need more coffee)

here’s a keystock set - it looks like they are typically undersized and the 1/8 might fit with some minor sanding/filing:

              3mm - 3/32 inch - 0.118          
              4mm - 1/8 inch - 0.157

(again about $12 - but probably slow shipping)

Karmannghiagirl’s idea is looking better and better if you need an immediate fix!