Need a spotwelder

That cheap shit for 100$ died and me and my friend need one to make 2 packs that are ordered by customers, anyone selling a quality one for a reasonable price, must be compact and EU

Arduino spot welder v3 is sweet 2000 welds in, loving it

Ruined a 150$ car battery because i was raging a few days ago so I would prefeer mains powered

Lol well then you’ll just be tripping the circuit breaker :yum:

The sunkko models can’t really handle heavy use, especially if using thicker than .15

Its a bit expensive, I will rather buy that arduino one for 80$ since it works on a car battery

I might order the materials for 5of these If some people are interested in buying them for 50ish euro since i need to pay it off

Just be careful not to cheap out on a spotwelder it’s important to be done right

Maybe you can build something like this.

I use it and it works really fine for me. But it is slow :wink:

Currently using a car battery 600a With 2 cables and it does the job but its not the best

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How to build your own spotwelder. Enerds check this out and get your egasm :wink:

I would be up for one (preferably with xt90 for lipo instead of car battery though)!