Need a VESC offer me

Need a vesc, give me your offers, everything except maytech preferably eu, im in croatia

Holy shit man, i have seen about 5 or 6 of your threads that could be answered by a quick google search or search on the forums. Please, use the search function.

I know I made a lot of threads recently but I have been looking for vescs for the past 30min and havent found any that I would buy

Look up EU Focbox, took me 2 min.

Too much for me the vat is big, im really on a budget

your not going to be able to buy a decent vesc then. Save your money and wait.

or buy a car esc and slum it for a while.

I found 2 vecs for 80£ mission acomplished

Who from? and what manufacturer? you may have a ticking time bomb on your hands if they’re cheapo Chinese part ones.

miami boards and torque

Im getting things from torque boards, can buy you a VESC as well and ship it to you from Switzerland)

My whole family is in CH, where do you live?

Whats the price im in croatia

I’m in Villars) village in the mountains! $99 for the VESC and $20 for 3 day shipping and Paypal fees)

isnt that too much for shipping? Could you use some cheaper option and if you wish i could send as f&f also can it run foc on 10s 190kv (doubt it but wanna check)