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Need advice, esc related please

Hi guys New builder here, so no much experience on electronic components. Id like to hear some suggestions regarding ESC, Im looking for a reliable one and not crazy expensive to run with a 6S 8000mAh battery on a 5065/6364 (open to suggestions on electric motors as well) single drive, 160lb rider, riding on mostly flat ground (nyc). I had this in mind; (see pictures)<img

src="/uploads/db1493/original/1X/65b9c24b08ee2ed9b54feb3050b4000617ab0d59.jpg" width=“500” height=“316”>

…not sure if the fan is necessary for my set up… Thanks in advance guys

I have used these ESC’s in a dual build before and I can tell you that they work great. they are fully computer programmable and are surprisingly small and relatively cheap all things considered.

the only things that I don’t like about them:
they have a soft power button. I prefer a mechanical one that i can hard wire. (probably wont bother you.)
they have an EXTREMELY loud braking noise.

other than that they are great. my mate (who punishes ESC’s) has been riding them for months now.

is there any way to disconnect or bypass the power button, since I got one already builded on my battery pack?

I could be mistaken, but this looks an awful lot like an xerun which work really well for eboards. Not sure on the braking noise, but I can say my ez runs aren’t that loud.

You could just cut the switch off and solder the two wires together essentially turning the esc on permanently. With your battery switch it won’t matter.

where can I find those xerun?

AWESOME!!! Ill look into those, Thanks so much psychotiller

also for what its worth its the same as this ESC:

both of them looks pretty sweet… thanks guys :facepunch:

im pretty sure that you can not do this with the momentary switch. which is why I don’t like it

Momentary? All of mine are on/off…

the toro TS (that this thread is about) is a momentary soft touch button to turn on.

Im not really sure what you are showing with those videos?

sorry if it wasnt clear enough, ill try to explain it;
the battery pack works as it is disconnect it, as I connect it to the esc the battery doesnt even turn on, as you can see the voltage meter just flashes 2 times then nothing, but as I disconnect and reconnect the negative wire with the battery pack on, everything works. So if i turn of the battery then turn it back on, nothing works again.

on the other video, I got to do the same trick to make the esc program card to get on and work.
Also whenever I turn off the transmitter the motor start spinning randomly till I turn back on the rc transmitter.
Im really confused…

Ok. Just so we are clear this is a totaly different subject to the original post.
The esc you have there in the video is a boat esc and I have not ever had any experience with that particular esc.