Need advice for choosing a deck with kicktail for 1st build (need stability)

Hi there,

I tried to do some research regarding that subject but couldn’t find anything helping.

I’m currently looking at a board with a kicktail. I tried a longboard without one and I just didn’t like it, I’m used to have a kicktail for sharp turns or even stopping. As I’m building my first esk8, I would feel safer having one.

Anyway, I was looking at decks on the market and the shapes are usually the same. But I don’t know what to look for regarding the width and concave. I would assume that I need concave and a good width for stability, right ? I’m not looking at going crazy speeds, I would use my board for chilling and commuting from time to time (big city).

Would something like this one be an OK choice ? I like the large kicktail.

My choices are pretty limited since I live in Canada and thanks to the CAD$ and import taxes, everything is expensive :confused:

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Check out the arbor backlash 37 im thinking of doing a build with it and it seems like it would fit your needs

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Any brand name cruiser deck has a good amount of concave so that’s a non issue. But for E-skate the wheels are at least 83mm so keep that in mind when buying.

Kicktails are definitely underrated on electric skateboards. One of mine has a kicktail, and it’s fantastic

That looks good, but $165CAD, it’s over my budget :sweat: I’m currently looking at craigslist actually, I don’t want to spend more than $100 on a deck I don’t even know or not tried.

Spacers should solve that issue though, isn’t it ? I mean, if the deck’s all flat, I can’t go wrong, after what I’ve seen on the forum.

I’m happy to see I’m not the only one liking kicktails :grinning:

Why don’t you just use a regular pool deck and do a deckswap later if you find a cruiser you like? You can get pool/trick decks for virtually nothing. $20 I think at Target. That way you can also focus your budget on the other bits at first and once it’s running, then save up for a new deck

Another option is to add a tail to any tailless longboard

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Yeah but sometimes wheel bite is still a issue depending on your weight. This is actually why most ek8 boards are cutouts.

I already have one actually. I just don’t know if it’s long enough and wide enough for all the hardware to be attached to it. And as I don’t have any parts yet, well, I can’t check :sweat_smile: I also fear that it won’t be stable enough (7" width and short wheel base compared to a long board). But I’m might just be scared for no reason. I think I’d rather spend $80 in a used longboard to test it out as an esk8 and see how I like it, than spend $150 on a brand new deck that I’m not sure I will like.

That’s… interesting ? :thinking: I would have never expected something like that to exist.

Good to know. I’ll check that when building my board. I’m not super heavy, 70kg (154lbs). Talking about risers/spacers, I saw some people using angled ones, another subject I need to research on…

Earthwing Team 37 maybe? I think it has really large wheelwells and can handle quite big wheels without using thick risers.

U can get one on ebay for 89.99 plus 14$ shipping. So 105cad for the deck

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i second that.

i have a Raptor deck and i have to use pretty big risers so i dont get wheel bite with my 90mm wheels, the higher the deck the less stable it is but none the less i still do 27mph+ on this deck with the right bushings anything is stable.

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This shop is in Vancouver and they offer free shipping in Canada. They offer many brands. I have a build using a Kebeck Canadian maple deck. Very nice deck.

I also use a full outline deck with 90mm wheels and 1/2" risers. It is stable enough with good bushings and pivot cups. I do some pretty hard carving and get no wheel bite.

I’m actually located in Vancouver. Is there chance to see Black Friday deals in skateshops ? Import from the US is cool but I will probably have to pay import taxes too… :unamused:

I’m gonna be using 83mm wheels for the beginning. Might not need such big risers?

I used to run 83’s for better ratio and increased responsiveness. Think I used a 1/4" riser with them. I switched to 90mm wheels to get a smoother ride.

Gotcha. I’ll do some test when I’ll get the board and wheels. I’ll add risers to my shopping list.

As far as I know, Santa Cruz, Antihero, Baker, and Real are the best skateboard brands. I have had a Santa for a long time, I don’t remember what year, but since this brand is famous since the first time it has skateboarding, now its price is higher than other brands, but the quality is extremely good.