Need advice/help on first battery replacement(third party). Lycaon GR electric board

Hello, it’s my first time posting so any help would be great.

Background: Bought this board a year, always had problems with the battery. Luckily, I had warranty so I got a new battery sent to me free of charge. The new battery eventually died/burnt out as well in a few months.

Board: Lycaon GR 2021 Electric Skateboard | All-around Long Range Board | Sleek & Solid

Problem: Warranty is over and I’m expected to pay 221$ CAD for the battery which is not even reliable. They use unbranded cells which is why they suck and the battery is overall trash. I would like the help of the ESK8 community as it’s my first time doing any modifications to the board(third party parts).

Battery specifications: 18650 cells in 10S3P 36V 7.5Ah 270Wh

Can anyone recommend me any websites or an alternate battery to buy for this build? Thank you

Actually I’ve worked on 2 of them. Cells aren’t the problem. Discharge BMS is.

Supercapacitors and ultracapacitors are solid-state devices that outperform batteries in terms of lifetime, power density, and temperature resistance. They also have a great resistance to stress and vibration. These are essential on your halo board!

I can help help you out with a battery build… might be a little more expensive (not much) and my build quality beats the hell out of most packs I see coming out of China… :joy: