Need advice: What to do with old evolve?

Hey, So I have a BGT which got water damaged over a year ago, and got sent to Evolve. They claimed it needed £1.1k in repair costs, and so I asked them to keep it until I get the funds or need it for parts. Since then, I learned more about DIY and made my own boards, so I sent them an email asking for it back so I could use the trucks, mounts and enclosure (Thinking it was still bust). Like half a week later, they emailed back saying they had been able to “rescue” the board, and the repair costs came down to a new ESC. I wanted to throw in a dual vesc and use my own controls to make the board a little more usable, but the guy had taken off labour costs (The board had been cleaned up considerably) and I didn’t want to just take it back.

anyway, it still has the R1 Remote, and I find myself never riding the board, even though its my most expensive one just because the breaks are scary when going fast, and the controls feel imprecise, even though i’m quite heavy at 200lbs.

Straight to the point, I dont use the board because of the jerkyness etc, I have it in street. Should I sell it? How much do BGTs sell for now a days, and if not, could I make the board more usable with AT Tires or the R2? Is it worth spending even more (Considering I have a DIYeBoard 10s5p Airless tire kit which I love using, thats 11AH and evolve is only 6.4Ah, what range will I get with the AT kit?)

A backup is always a good thing to have

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Ah so uhh, one other thing, I am moving to uni in a week and this is what my living room looks like at the moment


Lol, just sell it then. Save the funds for upgrades and group buys

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Would you know where I can sell it? It dosent seem like anyone buys on the evolve forums, and ebay won’t let a new seller sell any high priced item.

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Try the apps letgo and offerup

Letgo is local sales. But offerup allows shipping

Ahh I don’t think people use those services in the UK, I’ll keep looking around though

Derp. I always forget about that

Do you use Facebook? Plenty of esk8 groups in the UK and a for sale group.

Hey there @Anubis how many cycles does the battery have on it? 5.50 into video This normally determines what it might be worth.

  1. Battery cycles
  2. Invoice date Of course this can be bullshit EG: motors swapped out lol

In Aus GTX with 10 cycles ST or AT $1000 to $1400 there aprox $1800.00 new.

There is an old saying…it’s worth what someone wants to pay for it. lol It could be sold on this forum.

GTX in AT mode is great for carving… road & bike tracks.

A good platform to DIY but IMHO speed wobbles stability issues 20 mph and up. I have three GTX with different bushings AT and ST mode for when friends drop around. lol

When the battery gets tired 100 + @darkkevind makes battery’s.

Whatever you do it will fit right in your living room :sunglasses:

That video is for the R2, i have r1. I couldnt find the cycles bit on the r1 remote

Right ive found the setting, but my recycle count HAS to be broken. It says 3985, which would mean I would have had to have ridden it 5.4 times a day since the release of the board

Hi there @Anubis you should get some rest that’s a lot of riding. lol

That’s the GT remote…yes

  1. Hit the left button twice to enter the menu Go down to more info click the right button.
  2. Then press the RIGHT button twice and then hold down the left button for a few seconds

Do you have access to another remote?

You bought it new…how old is it how many rides? I bought my boards second hand eBay Gumtree.

your landyahtz is ballllddding

So I bought it in June of 2016, and it died to water damage in November. I then got it back this year and barely rid it. I did a 3 mile commute on weekdays, so thats about 5 months riding 3 miles daily, it will have gone about 300 miles. The cycle count won’t be higher than 400, 300 miles is actually a pretty overestimated guess, but the battery wouldn’t work if it had 4000 cycles

Where are you? I may be interested in some of your Evolve parts, enclosure, trucks, motors, etc.

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UK, South west

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Shipping to the US? Component images?

I was told in theory 4 x 25 percent charges = 1 cycle Not the first time someone’s cycle count doesn’t make sense. lol

Anyone share there knowledge here…