Need an advice with my new build /retired evolve rider (finished my first ever build)

i should probably start how i got here and continue from there. I didnt know there was a DIY aspect of esk8 and got myself an evolve bamboo gt in heartbeat. Never had an issue until one day my remote stopped displaying individual cell voltages. I didnt care much and kept riding it. After a month voltage sag was huge(%50 drop on hard acceleration) and my range was around 8-10 km on eco/fast mode with no hard aceleration or braking. I decided to make some measurements and got this: reading from battery main lead which is going to motor controller

and this is from charging connector

im no expert but it looked like a bms issue to me and i kept riding for a week as the weather was still good and it was my daily commute to work but this whole situation got under my skin and ive stopped using it as i was afraid to further damage my board. After 3 weeks of time i wanted to take it for a short ride and Bam it didnt turn on. I tried to charge it but chargers green led started flashing and never seen it act like that before. Went ahead and tried to take some measurements and multimeter showed 0 voltage. I thought may be my multimeter is broken and tried with another one but same result. I trashed the bms along with the battery. I started digging and here i am asking for help :slight_smile: i read alot and ive seen some 10s4p mods but it requires to either route the deck or extending the current enclosure. I didnt like both also i like decks with a decent flex.

So what im after is a loaded vanguard deck with a custom enclosure. thats where im stepping into an unknown territory because i know nothing more than evolve’s motors which are 50xx 140kv i believe. i love the torque and acceleration of those motors and i dont ride in GT mode mostly carving at around 30-35km/h in fast mode.

i have couple of options in my mind but i need to know how single 6374 or 6355 motor compares to dual 50xx evolves motors in fast mode. if they can deliver the same performance in single setup that would clear alot of things for me. Also do you guys think TB 218mm trucks with pneumatic wheels will work on vanguard deck?

i know i cant use evolves AT kit on different trucks. May be i should keep the trucks and use them on loaded vanguard so i can have both AT and street setup but i want to hide motor under the deck and evolves hangers dont work that way… so many questions… sorry for the long post just i wanted to let it all out :smiley:

btw already ordered 40 18650 30Qs for 10s4p and i just bought a focbox and arduino spot welder.


From a braking point of view I think you’d be disappointed going back to a single drive. Twin 6355 is a nice way to go.


maybe the best thing is keep the board but install a new battery pack with new bms. because you like the board and the only problem is battery system. these guys can help you: @longhairedboy @barajabali @darkkevind @okp


i know man thanks for the advice but im too far into it. got the spot welder, silicone cables, connectors, epoxy resin, glass fiber cloth waiting on carbon fiber twill, also i got a new bms pretty much everything is set and on course except for the hangers, motor dilemma.

@bigben yea people say dual drive braking is very nice and you never know when you will need the brakes. besides braking there are no hills where i live. the reason i asked about 218 hangers was may be i can start with single drive and upgrade it to dual in the future i dunno.

In that case, replace the battery, bms, buy VESC or focbox, loaded vanguard, keep the trucks+wheels+pulleys. Evolve uses similar motors to these. it all comes to investment :moneybag:. if you can, get dual VESCS/focboxes if you can’t, get a proper sensored 6374 motor between 149-200KV

I think you are already on the right track. You should keep your trucks/deck/motors and everything though imo. I would just: buy another focbox so you have two, buy a mini remote and build that battery you bought cells for.

This way you don’t have to deal with a new custom enclosure and all that stuff.

that was my original intention(using the evolve deck) but modifying the enclosure is what im not sure about. may be i can cut it and extend it from the middle with fiberglass and epoxy resin but i dunno if they will bond together with the enclosure material.

Im doing exactly that broseph :slight_smile:

Keep the motors, get another focbox and either make the enclosure or get one from @bigben / @Eboosted

After my experience with evolve im DIY till die.


BTW… The enclosures just held on with masking tape to measure holes :wink:

i thought it was some cool graphics :joy:


Haha, i was going for the Zebra pattern but lost interest very early :wink:

Hahaha so did I at first… The top down shot looked like zebra stripes with a lightning bolt cut out almost. Then I saw the side shot and was totally face palming cause I realized it was tape…


Looks amazing @Powadangaboards

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Got the arduino spot welder today, it looks fun to play around with :smile: tried it with some old laptop 18650 batteries and it does a good job.


oh its been a while :slight_smile: well it is my first ever build so it took a while. i have never built any of the parts i used in this project so the whole process was an adventure. especially the enclosure gave me a hard time until i figure out the correct path to follow. i had so many questions but slowly and progressively found the answers i needed. thanks to everyone who shed some light on the matter.

so with the build i went pretty standard as i needed something to replace my old evolve gt ride. i ride my board to work and back so its gonna be my daily driver. there are no hills where i live, maximum grade we have here is probably around %1-3. here are the parts i used: deck: loaded vanguard flex 2 trucks: caliber 2 50 motor controller: focbox battery: 10s4p samsung 30Q’s spot welded by me bms: supower 10s 60A on/off switch: initially i wanted to use xt90 anti sparks but then i purchased an antispark switch from @goldenHusky motor:6374 190kv sensored from @DavidBanner wheels: ABEC 11 Flywheels 97mm 75a segmented one piece enclosure: made by me with epoxy resin and carbon fiber cloth controller: diy made by me thanks to @solidgeek’s project screws,cable sleeve, connectors etc from hobbyking

first charge :slight_smile:

first ride

i actually just came from my first ride. i get jitter in mid acceleration. i did not do extensive focbox programming. just did motor detection, checked the erpm value and i have set the battery and motor values in BLDC. gonna try to change some values tomorrow and see how it goes but so far im happy with the result.


2 weeks after receiving my gtx it threw me off, im trying to get a refund but i highly doubt it’ll happen so, if anyone knows about evolve’s bms working fine with torqueboards esc’s (i believe they are vesc ) plz let me know bc those are the ones im considering to replace em with plus their remote off course. thanks in advance for the info.

There’s a jst like cable going from evolve bms to motor controller. I dunno if bms or motor controller manages the speed modes but it’s gotta be linked with that cable which is not present in a usual bms or a vesc. What you can do is connect a vesc to evolve bms and see if you can get full power if not change the bms too. Initially I wanted to change my bms only but somehow it drained the battery to dead 0 volts so I trashed it.

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there is a cable named uart ( have no idea what that is ) and one named SW, i guess ill have to replace the bms as well, thank you for the info mate :slight_smile:,

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where did you get that enclosure…also did you drill the holes through the deck. I need that as I’m swapping out my electronics in my CGT.