Need another opinion- picking a new vesc

I’m currently using dual Torqueboards 4.12 vescs on 12 lipos

Backstory: I built an awesome boosted clone which has been working great for the past month, however the can-transceivers on both vescs blew (this was most likely my fault). I was able to bypass this however by removing the transceivers from both pcbs, and running the vescs in split ppm. Then both drvs blew, rendering the vescs useless :frowning: The problem is that I have pretty much used all of my funds and while I can still afford new vescs, I would like to spend as little money as possible.

The solution: here’s where I need your guys opinion. Here are my current options:

  1. 2x Flipsky 4.20 = $150 (this is my least favorite option)
  2. 2x Flipsky 4.12 = $170 ( this seems to by my best option)
  3. Repairing my current 2x Torqueboards 4.12 = $100 +shipping
  4. Buying new Torqueboards 4.12 = $170

Which one do you guys think would be the best option? So far I’ve owned 4 Torqueboards vescs and all 4 have failed in under 1 year

I can get you a TB VESC w/o programming port for half off…basically new otherwise

Still good for CAN configuring and split-ppm to run

I also forgot to mention I need to stay with the 4.12 form factor because they need to fit in my rear enclosure and the 6.6 form factor is too big to fit 2.

This looks like a damn good option but your price is way off. Hop on Ebay (or even better, aliexpress and be patient) and find them there. Offer the seller half of what they are asking and work up from there.

The market is flooded with them, you can get them for very little and they work well.

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I will keep your offer in mind, however as of right now I’m not feeling confident in Torqueboards products

That’s fair…I can do a dual MayTech 4.12 around the end of summer if you’re not in a rush but you probably are

Yeah I definitely want to shred sooner than later :+1: