Need assistance configuring 2 VESC 2 Motors

Atom 41 inch low deck board Caliber 2 trucks Designed my own mounts and 3d printed my case and pulley. 83mm wheels 2 VESCs plugged together 4.12 CAN connection MBoards 6s4P Battery Voltage 22.2 Capacity 8000mAh, Power 177.6Wh

Don’t need speed need to climb hills. I have no idea how to configure the power, watts, voltage in the VESC tool with this build. I also 3D printed to many cases that I don’t need willing to give away jut pay for shipping. Please help


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watch this

Let me know what questions you have after watching


I just finished 2 things watching the latest of The Mandalorian and finished my first build, sadly it’s raining not test drive, it is the way. Thank you sir.

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