Need assistance with motor configuration

Hello. I built an eSkate about a year ago and I haven’t used it in two months as I broke my arm. I recharged it and the motors slightly humm but don’t spin. I did a reconfigure using VESC tool and the motors turn normally and complete the test with success. I then attempt to use the controller and the same humm happens without movement. Any ideas for troubleshooting? Thank you in advance.

I should also say, after successful calibration, the forward/backward buttons don’t work in VESC either. The only movement I get is calibration testing. See video: (88) skateboard - YouTube

Gear: Flipsky VX2 Dual FSESC4.20 Plus

Setup input. Ppm/uart. Control type: current no reverse with brake. Smart reverse yes. Write app.


Those don’t look like they have a proper detection result, or it’s not saved or successful

The process says successful each time I run the detection but even in-app, forward and backwards does not work. What would cause it not to save?

Show us the numbers it comes up with

I tried that but it didn’t work, unfortunately.


My guess is you need to charge the battery or check the voltage cutoffs. What is the string count? (10S, 12S, etc) and type (li-ion, lipo, LiFePO4)

These symptoms would fit a dead battery or wrong cutoffs.

Got the motors working when I test in VESC by adjusting the voltage cutoffs, but still no cigar with the remote. The VX2 says is connected but doesn’t do anything.

Did you set the vesc remote app settings to Uart only? Usually That’s the fix for it.

Although I’m not too familiar with the VX2 myself.

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Is it connected via UART or PWM?

It is currently set to UART. Thank you for your help thus far, I appreciate it.

Did you figure it out?

No, not yet. I have just purchased a VX1 and still cannot get it to work. It pairs successfully but no input control. I am at a loss.

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I don’t mean to be patronising or anything else thats insulting but you did configure the remote when setting it up?