Need assistance with motor configuration

Hello. I built an eSkate about a year ago and I haven’t used it in two months as I broke my arm. I recharged it and the motors slightly humm but don’t spin. I did a reconfigure using VESC tool and the motors turn normally and complete the test with success. I then attempt to use the controller and the same humm happens without movement. Any ideas for troubleshooting? Thank you in advance.

I should also say, after successful calibration, the forward/backward buttons don’t work in VESC either. The only movement I get is calibration testing. See video: (88) skateboard - YouTube

Gear: Flipsky VX2 Dual FSESC4.20 Plus

Setup input. Ppm/uart. Control type: current no reverse with brake. Smart reverse yes. Write app.


Those don’t look like they have a proper detection result, or it’s not saved or successful

The process says successful each time I run the detection but even in-app, forward and backwards does not work. What would cause it not to save?

Show us the numbers it comes up with