Need avdvise for esc and motors

About a month ago I bought a dual hub esk8 with a 10s2p battery and im in love with it. Its great but today I was cruising to my work, going from the street to the sidewalk I had to pass trough a square bump about 5cm and my deck broke lol, I think it was because it was mde in china so I wasnt expecting to much.

The other componentes are still ok but since here in chile the streets arent good(lota of bumps) I was thinking on maybe using the battery and esc and build a New one with neumatic wheels, belt motor(s) and maybe trucks with suspensiĂłn but my budget isnt too much

So im looking for guidance for motors trucks and maybe esc, cheap ones but not too cheap of course. Hopefully they can be from amazon or aliexpress wich they ship to my country (worst case scenario I have an aunt in the usa)

I also got another 10s2p pack and maybe I will put them together for 4p and also maybe with the spare parts from my actual board building one for my gf


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You’re going to need a stronger esc and better battery if you’re going pneumatics. Best case for your board is to just buy a new deck and screw on the other parts and enclosure by drilling holes and making it again. Unfortunately, going the mountain board or pneumatic route isn’t cheap. If you’re in the budget of 200 bucks or so, you can get a dv6 by makerx. The pneumatics wheel should be 6 inches, and the trucks could be the matrix II or a pneumatic drive set (I don’t usually get these since they’re not great).

Just note you might spend around $600 - $800 if you’re doing pneumatics. The battery will make this more pricey. My 10s2p battery doesn’t get me far on my mountain board, so I would recommend what you’ve given and make it at least 10s4p.

You might be able to find some cheap trucks and pneumatic set if you look up “pneumatic drive train”. But it’s better buying the separate parts. I would look up matrix II trucks and wheels. A good start. See if they have motor mounts and a pulley for the wheels.

Motors would be flipsky 6374 190kv battle hardened (personal favorite), or non battle hardened if you want. This is pretty much what you need. And then buying the right belt size for it. This one always gives me issues.

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