Need battery ASAP

Need a battery, 10s3p wanted, willing to trade electric flywheels for em

hehe no set of electric flywheels will cover a 10s3p


Heheh Stop hijacking threads

dead ass I want two sets if you want a 3p pack :rofl:

kidding… sort of. You might need to offer cash on top.

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I’m tooo broke, esk8 broke my bank

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Honestly I think the cheapest pack youre going to find(not used, I dont know which youre looking for) might be through this guy, with the Matrix battery deal he found.

alternatively, he had purchased a few packs previous… not sure if he is selling any used ones at a discount :slight_smile:

sry, i have 38 extra 25r cells, just waiting for my kweld…

Didn’t you sell you sunoko spot welder claming that “you want your packs made by a professional?”

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that was before I did my research , even though I still don’t trust myself, Then it also turns out that I have 3 unfinished builds


also realized afterward that i cant wait a month for each pack to be done, also to add to my month of unluckiness, i shorted my 10s3p pack so +30 more cells to weld

so, 30 cells + 10 cells+ 20 cells+ maybe another 40

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