Need battery help on build - Caliber 2 | SK3 6364 190 kv | FOCBOX

Hi everyone,

I’ve been researching for a few months now and wanted to get my build reviewed before I bought the rest of the things I need. Right now here is what I plan to buy. I already have a deck. I’m really looking for some input on my battery at this point (and any other little things you think I’ll need)

Mount, pulleys, gears - DIY kit - collections/featured-items/products/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-w-drive-wheel-kit

Trucks – Caliber 2 -

Wheels -

Motor - 6364 190kv sk3 -


Heat Shrink Tubing -

12 Gauge Wire -

24 gauge wire -

Controller -


  1. 4x to make a 10s2p
  2. collections/electric-skateboard-battery-pack/products/electric-skateboard-epower-battery-pack-9s2p Does anyone have any opinions or reasons I shouldn’t get the Epower one? From what I understand, at the current price point the epower one will end up being way cheeper than the 4x 5000 mah 5s1p which makes me think there’s something I’m missing.


if you’re going with mono build, you don’t need 80c discharge. just get 4x of these and you’ll have 40c discharge and a fuller wallet

I got that motor brand new if you wanna buy

Great thanks for your input! Just out of curiosity do you have any opinions on the epower one? I did some searching on the forum and I’ve seen some people think they’re great while others dont seem to like them but I haven’t seen much reasoning

sorry i don’t have experience. these lipos will have a 360Whcapacity and will cost 100£and with 40c discharge. so that’s a good selling point eheheh