Need Boss Level Spot welder in USA

I could rent it or buy it, but I need it ASAP.

Mine stopped working all of the sudden, it does not fire up, I need to send it to @aulakiria for inspection, but I need a spot welder to finish some projects.

Let me know if you have one.

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I have one I am willing to sell - I am located in Orange, CA, USA so shipping should be fine. I have a battery pack for it as well but it is not sufficient for spot welding imo; I could sell that but tbh you need something with double the capacity.

I have the Soldering iron attachment as well. LMK.

i have seen great performance from the joyfay 709a. it will be my next purchase. i hope you get sorted soon bro :grinning:

I can loan you mine, I don’t have an immediate need. Just send it back when your done. PM me an address and I’ll ship it tomorrow.


If for some reason you don’t get hooked up with mmaner, you can borrow mine. Just got it and don’t need for about a month. Pm me


Wow guys that’s so generous from everyone.

@Kit PM me your price for only the box itself @mmaner just PM’ed you @bflan I’ll let you know if I don’t get hooked up

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My second boss level spot welder died, who wants to sell his in USA?

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Omg. You are a boss killer. What are you doing?

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Wow mine has been going strong and it was second hand. Are you putting a heat sink on the welder? What is blowing up maybe your welder can be repaired.