Need connector for my Bestech BMS


I have a Bestech D223v1 10S BMS, i bought from a user of this forum. But i`m missing the two connectors for the ballancing ports. I dont know what the connectors is called, and where to buy them (im from EU)

Any help :slight_smile:

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Bless my noobiness, but isn’t that an 8s bms? E switch on right and 8 pinns on left side for balancing?

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No, it’s a 10s bms Pins 1-8 on the left Pins 9-10 on the right The e/ switch is 2 white wires soldered to the pcb

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You will have to contact Bestech and order the connectors or remove the sockets and solder your balance wires to the pcb. If this was a new bms, it should have come with connectors. Maybe the seller forgot to pack them.

Thanks for clarifying!

I bought a new one according to the seller. Then i must contact bestech

Send me your address i have set just pay me the shipping


I think the seller should have them in a bag that comes in the with the bms if u have no luck let me know

Contact the person you bought it from first. He should have included the connectors

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Those look like “JST-XH” connectors

The 8-pin version is sometimes referred to as “7S”. 2-pin might be called “1S”

I thought the same, that these were JST-XH, the same as used on lipo batteries. But its not.... they dont fit.

Oh, my BMS from another vendor is different. Then in that case it is probably JST-PH

What’s the pitch between pins?

2.5mm JST-XH 2mm JST-PH (most likely this one) 1.5mm JST-ZH 1mm JST-SH

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2.5mm same as JST-XH But the plastic connector does not have the same form facter like my regular jst-xh connectors on my lipo batteries

So, here is what I would do.

Basically, pull the plastic off the pins and connect JST-XH.

Or, alternatively:

tear the plastic until JST-XH fits :slight_smile:

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You mean hack it chop it bend it till they fit

Should have asked u to sell this one

Why bend it if the pitch is the same.

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Just get the right block that fits i have them