[Need custom build made] Trampa 136kv mountainboard

I need to find a custom builder on here to make me a 136kv trampa based mountainboard. I need pneumatics on it due to road conditions and 136kv because i’ve got killer hills. Also a 10s3p or 4p would be ideal with a bms charging system setup so that no disassembly is required. Definitely would want dual vesc 6 as well as bindings on the board

P.M. me a quote or whatever, or anyone offer recommendations on who i should contact.


If you can wait a bit, do @longhairedboy he’s in hurricane preparedness mode at the moment but he has built some truly amazing boards in the past

I’ve seen some of his builds, but does he do mountainboards? I really want a trampa deck, not a wood one.

I bet he’d be willing to if you gave him a little $$encouragment$$

@longhairedboy let me know if ur down. Send me a quote

For dual vesc 6 it’s probably gonna be atleast 3k

i’ve got an estimate of what it should cost i’ve done builds myself before. I’ll see what im offered.


would be your best bet for a trampa build

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http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/2-800-shipped-ultimate-electric-mountainboard-4x-direct-drive-entertaining-resonable-offers/30136/56 Maybe look at this

All of that minus the battery is available from trampa as a eboard kit. Youll get a solid discount on the VESC6’s that way as well. Then contract @barajabali for the battery and you are done! If you’ve done builds before why would u want pay someone else? Did u come into a bunch of money? I think most of us go the other direction.

Where are u located btw?

My 2cents. 10S3P is too small for an emtb if you want to ride for more than 20mins at a time.

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Want it built because i’ve started college, need it a.s.a.p for transportation but don’t have tools nor time to built it how i would want. I would love to build it myself but i can’t. You really think 3p would be to small?

@GrecoMan if im dropping a few thousand im going with vesc6’s

Im not sure anybody builds eMTB’s ASAP if you know what I mean. Ordering parts, building batteries, enclousures, etc all take time. Im guessing you’re looking a couple of months DIY or other. Fastest option would be to buy one used as already suggested.

A 10S3P battery can only output 2000ish watts, I don’t think u need $600 worth of VESC 6’s to handle 2000 wattts.

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I’m with BBT, with a smaller 10s battery and motors vesc 4 is proven to cope. I’m all for over engineering… no one is building enough custom eMTB to have stock, so either buy pre built or wait. That said the 4wd board for sale atm has 2x NoWinds DD units which are sweet AF and $$$, maybe not the way I’d build a offroad trick/jump board, but if you want a eMTB to commute it could be your thing. Price up the parts if you are in a hurry, make a real offer…

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Get a prebuild with everything you need from @trampa and like BBT mentioned a prebuild battery from @barajabali or someone else. 12s8p for these wanted motors. Everything under that will suffer over time, although you could limit Amps with the Vescs, but that would kill the purpose. Another option is going the Lipo route. Much more punch but you have to stack some parallel to get enough range.

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Yes, I was just about to mention Unikboards as a potential source. Surely @okp can adjust to your requirement as needed :wink:

@Stevemk14ebr So are u from USA or UK?

Anyways… as @BigBoyToys suggested, your best bet would be just to buy a board which has already been made… if you had 3k of $… you could just buy the 4WD board one guy was selling on facebook… it sure was a beast with huge battery… but this might be a bit over your budget, plus i dont know if he still has the board but awhile ago he still had

Decent trampa build might as well take about a month… unless @Kaly was really available and had all the parts already at his place (motors, escs, battery)… though I think yeh, in usa you should contact either @longhairedboy or @Kaly for such a build, though due to crazy weather u have in usa, @longhairedboy probably wont be available for a while, so @Kaly would be your best bet

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i’m usa, in west virginia atm. Not interested in any pre-built boards on the market atm since none of them use vesc6

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Bump for @ieatflys 4wd for sale. He’s on your side of the country and you could sell the front trucks, motors, VESC’s and direct drives and easily pay for your VESC6’s. TBH Im not even sure VESC6’s are available atm as all the BETA’s are gone and there could be some time until the next batch is available (anybody know?).

Frank confirmed that the new 6’s with silicon seals are not currently available but will be in a few weeks.

Yea after reading this thread hese described exactly my board… i know everyone is excited about the new vesc but they wont be available for purchase for a long time. And it will be an even longwr time befor all of the kinks are worked out in them… not to memtion i couldnt imagine paying 300 to replace one when they blow :cry: ill send you a pm