Need Customized Lion Battery

My lipos have failed me. For anyone wondering what happened, just look on my build thread it isn’t hard to find. Now what I am looking for is a lithium ion battery but I have a very small amount of space and I am looking for very specific specs. Here they are: 6s2p Need at least 5000mah capacity 16cm max length 14cm max width 2cm max height Integrated BMS not needed because I have a balance charger

Am I asking too much? Is a battery like this even possible? My budget is around 300$ I can spend more if absolutely needed. Anyone willing to make a pack like this or anyone who knows where I can get a pack like this please speak up

@barajabali can probably hook you up. Where are you located?

@barajabali or @link5505

I am located in Pleasanton, CA.

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Pm me I do these all the time