Need experienced builders for advice/moderation of esk8 database

Hi everyone, the time is coming closer to the release of my database of e-skate parts. In order to continue to build the website, I need some advice from the community on what pieces of info is important to you for each item. Now, I could post what I have so far here, but it would take me ages to go through each piece, and I would rather spend that time on adding new features instead. I would like to invite a small group of people to join in helping me to decide exactly what pieces of data is important to record down. You will also get a sneak peak at whats to come for the community in the near future.

I’m also looking for a few, very experienced people to help moderate the database (mostly adding new items, removing old items, and updating specs on parts that are missing some pieces of data). If you would like to apply for either of these positions, please pm me your application (doesn’t need to be anything fancy, I know more of less who I’m looking at for this. If your lesser known to the community, send any builds and your general knowledge of eskates).

I would like to get this tool up asap for the community, but I can’t do it myself, so I’m asking for the veterans of the community to assist me in building this tool for everyone.


Can you update us on how is it going? We (me and @Deathcookies) are planning on building a template / database for existing boards and their stats. That way it would be easier to track and compare different setups in one place!

template I made

I have had any real help with the data that needs to be kept about each item. I’m at the point in my database scheme where it’s important that I’m storing the right data in order to keep it together. I have a full database ready for items to be added also. As it is right now, it’s a functional database, but only a database. I’m working on adding the board building option. Check out

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