Need for speed, 6wd?

I need the esk8 gods advice for 6wd. I lost a street drag to a GXR.

Dualee rear sounds strange, but have you seent it? Have you ridden it?

I’d kinda like to try a quad rear (plus two front obvi), hear me out. Think typical rear dual, rear facing, than add another dual rear, but front facing.

Should I just suck it up and buy another two vesc6 and put them up front too and get big motors?

Sincerely, Goes fast, but not fast enough


What if you put 4 drive wheels on one axle? Or put pulleys on the inside and outside of each of the two back wheels? So each wheel had two pulleys and two motors…


Yes, this is the idea. Not considering 3 axel nonsense, just 2.

Holy shit…

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Would this increase top speed or just increase torque?

I’d hope for both. Don’t get me wrong, not a humble brag, it’s fast AF currently, but I know… no, I feel that faster is possible.

I’m not really sure here… did you lost again a GTX or a GTR…

Because the solution could be different depending on the outcome… for one I would say to change the motor gear, for the other one to put a twin turbo v6 on your board…

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Are you on SUrfRodz or still on the Evolve gullwing trucks going that fast?

Sorry, GSXR image


Switching to surfrodz

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SX466 Lol 6wd


I seent it

4 hubs in the rear… I can digg

8 wheeler (just quad hubs) he said the extra wheels add stability



Well… I didn’t see that one comming…

Yeah… maybe 6wd with huge hubs to help at the start.

Do u think better coasting? Prolly more resistance if I had to guess

Just get a swordboard


Shit, I forget that @Hummie ‘s new hubs are brilliant. I seent them too in person. @evoheyax seems to fly on them.


Is that a dog leash?

What was the magic behind that? I saw him but didn’t look close.