!Need help! 8 packs headway cells $130

I was recently browsing through some post and found that @Jebe had posted a nice battery option 70 i was thinking about getting them as they are high capacity at 10ah and can handle a discharge rating of 100A. I will be running a 10s build, ordering 2 sets of these battery and keeping 6 spare for some other projects. I am not sure what Bms i should use for them, as i have never used these cells before.

I was thinking of going 12s and using keda 63-64 190kv motors @pat.speed i was curious since you have been using the Keda motors, how they have been going and if you think it is possible to run them on 12s Would you recommend them to me? Or do you think it is better to go with the 63-64 sk3 hobby king motors

There is even Headway LFP40152(S) LiFePO4 with 15000mAh and 150A discharge rate. Just bear in mind one cell weighs 500g and has dimentions of 40x152mm. Also LiFePO4 nominal voltage is 3.2V, not 3.6 like Li-Ion.

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just get a bms for lifepo4 cells.

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Could you please show me a link for those batteries Spei

And i am not sure what Bms to use as i have not clue which one to get

Here you go https://www.bto.pl/B2CProdukt.aspx?id_artykulu=41644 http://www.batimex.pl/towar.php?idtowaru=5769

Thanks … … .

I would use those but the one i have chosen will make the board lighter and cheaper

You should not use LiFePO4 unless you know exactly what you’re doing. They can make better batteries under some definitions of “better” but if you want one, you will definitely know that you want one. Typically, they are too heavy for skateboard applications.

I do have one skate with a LiFePO4 battery but it has about 1/3 the range of similar li-ion. However, it has almost no sag, works in extreme temperatures, takes vibrations better, and lasts about 3-4 times as long.

If you use these, you need to go 12S (43.8V) and get a BMS specifically for LiFePO4 cells.


i was planning to run either the Keda 63-63 or the sk3 motors on 12s

sorry 63-64

You’d probably be better off getting a pair of 5S lipos and a BMS.

I probably would be better off getting them but my second idea was to get the turnigy 1s 5000mah and spot welding them together

Are you saying they get 3-4 times more range? or are you talking about their longevity.

I think he means less

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Try two 5S 30C lipo and a 10S lipo/li-ion BMS and you’ll be good to go.

Longevity. The LeFePO4 have a lot less range per kilogram.

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i would run them in 12s so the would way around 4.2kg

Which Esc would you use with it?

Dual flipsky v4.2