Need help/advice for dual 6374 trucks

Hello everyone, I want to start a 2 in 1 build all terrain/street similar to the evolve board but I am facing a big dilema.

At the moment I am in working in china (already 1 year here) and I have a very good skateboard with VESC 4.12 that costed me 250€ - 17km range 30km/h speed 6S11Ah but no AT.

Back to the main problem, I am trying to find everywhere here trucks that measure around 306mm like the evolve trucks but all I can find is all terrain trucks with springs. I would like to have the trucks mounted in a drop position so I get that low ride high and at the same time being able to mount double 6374.

What are your opinions ? Does anyone know some extended trucks possible to buy here in china or do I have to buy from outside (I have never ordered anything outside of taobao). My dream would be to have those double kingpins so I get the low ride but also pushing the wheels further away from the board center.

My options now are trying to import some evolve trucks or second choice torqueboard trucks.

Someone has some more options that could share with me ? All I find in china are these two but look short for double 6374: Untitled

Thank you very much.


That is pure irony. You are struggling to find parts in china and are considering importing parts from australia or the us that are manufactured in china. What a world we live in.


Try to find it and send it to me. China skateboard world only started 40 years ago, the good stuff they don’t build. In the whole China I only find those 2 double kingpin trucks.

Mostly don’t even have a local shop because there is no market for this here. Some sellers in alibaba don’t even have a local shop or a way to sell to the Chinese guys.

If we talk about decks, batteries, vesc and so on this I can easily find and cheap but the extended trucks is a mystic story here in China lol


You have only one option Gullwing Sidewinders, to be honest they are not very stable at high speeds and they aren’t that carvy either.

I like @torqueboards 218mm trucks they are good for dual 6374 setups and you can mount them on top of the deck as well.

If you decide to go with mtb trucks you could mount a 35 degree angled riser.

If I can’t find anything good here I need to import something, do know some extended double kingpin trucks besides the ones evolve uses?

That design is proprietary of Gullwing

Dunno if this helps, but some people buy the Gullwing Sidewinders and then purchase the Evolve motor hangar separately… Makes for an easy mounting solution.

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Talk to @LunarKim, maybe he can help :man_shrugging:


You can mix Gullwing and MBS ATS trucks.


Hey everyone, short update, I found an electric skateboard shop and instead of just sticking to their catalog I asked them if they could do a personalized trucks for me and they actually did it.

Here it is: for 130€ almost all included: Motor pulley I prefer to buy it separately as well as the belt because here is easy and cheap. And I can buy many different measurements. For the wheels I already have 90mm wheels.

Here is the personalized dual 6374 Chinese kit 15mm pulley, enjoy.