Need Help! APS 6374S 170KV , VESC 6.41 Trampa

Hallo everyone

I need Help. I have a Trampa Urban carver and i was driving a very long time with the original Trampa motors 118kV.

Today i changed my barings and tires. And The motors to the APS 6374S 170KV 3200W. I was raiding home and checked temperatur of the Motors.

They where tachabel, but i remember that i forgot to set the ampers araunt 60A not 80A because my setup is 12s not 10s.

So i dit that. I want to go riding the Batterys down (2x 6S 10Ah Lipos from APS). I put the board on the floor and give full thortle to make a smal burnout… one time, a secont time. I heard somthing maks a difrent nous as before.

Now the Motors didnt want to spin up. I want to Program the VESC new bit it cant because the Motros cudnt spin.

I tuck one Motor apart and i saw the magnets are sliding on theinner sides of the Motor, the part with the koils and the iron.

before the riding. Its a coincidence that i took this photo

This is after the riding or the mistake.

Can enibody say me what i did wrong? Did i strech the belt to much so the spinning rotor became aslant? Its on both Motors.

From Switzerland Pascal Kuster

Can it be, that the magnets are braking from the glue? Because it looks like ther is a chrak next to the magnet in the glue.

Dos enibody know how i kan reglue them in place??

Where did it smoke from? Also something is rubbing aggainst the magnets in the motor it could have been a rock or sonething

Check the vescs

Ther was no smoke.

i am shure ther was no rock inside. I was only riding on aspfalt (because i clened my hole board, and reasembled it.)

I didn’t oben up the secont motro, but i can do it and send some pictures.

The magnet didnt scratch itself, something must have gotten inside and flew out

Try using sensorless, if you fried your sensors motors wont spin in sensored mode, also check the wires of the sensors maybe one of them is broken Also what faults do you get?

I do not think so… i had my bord in my hand and spinned the motors with out a wired nois. they where new not used just about one km on the asphalt.

and then i did put the board on the floor and gave ful thurtle, i had my settings on FOC, 60A tu the motors and 12s Battery

I driven my trumpa motors arount one year 3 times a week on a dirt road, on a lane to go kiteboarding on the field. They where sometimes extremly dusty, when i blowe them out with the compressor, there was a cloud of dust. And the Trampa motors run perfect.

no i can’t i can not spinn the motors! The magnets are tuching the electromagnets.

I took some new photos from the firs motor.

There is a crack in the gloe on the side on the Magnets, isent it? And the scraches are exaktly the metalcheats from the Electromagnets.

then i opend up the secont moptor

this is worther!

i didn’t clened the motors up or blowe them out. Just but them apart and tocket the Photos.

by the way. one motor was wibrating when i was spinning them up from the beginning!

They where laying arount for i think one yoar in the original back they came so they where new when i montet them.

Do not know why the motors do not spin really maybe someone with more knowleage in this can help you out

If you are able to replace the broken magnets then try to do it if you fail you will need to get a new motor Sine they nees to be aligned very precisely

Also if you are going to buy new motors I would reccomend you to get something sealed like maytech has

I am emailing with APS

The last e-mail after the pictures they sad;

"OK, the only think i can guess is that there is no enogh epoxy on the magnet and some are been disengage from the rotor so they touch the stator. You can try to glue yourself or sent back to us for a service. "

I think the same. So i wil Send them the Motors.

btw. is it so dangures to the motor to overwoltage them with 8 Volts? Was the Amper Seting right with 60A? Thy described with 10s and 80A

I have a nother question.

I have sometimes Problems with the resiver. First i used this smal reviver from orderd from Trampa, and when i wanted to reach full speed from zero there where some lags, so the Board begun to speed up bud the signal come losd. so there was just kind of no thortle.

But now i am using the reciver from Alien Power Systems and today i want to speed up in the street and the signal was lost again, but the board was inmedently braking hard so i felt over right on the street. :frowning:

How cud this hapendd? to low battery on the reciver? And can i program the vesc to just roling out and do not go on the brakes?