Need help building 12s6p Battery!

wait bro did you put those heat sinks on the bms?

If that is too long you can fold it over and stack it Two cells high.

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No it comes that way, that’s why the bestech stuff is supposed to be pretty legit. U can tell they’re well built.

About your three wide battery pack, not sure what deck or enclosure will fit something that wide.

Its only 8" wide which most decks are 8.6-10. Also i am making a custom Carbon Fiber Deck using a type of pvc foam and carbon molding. Also anyone know a cheap source for Samsung 30q’s?

Hey Smurf, How do i use the Tekpower with dc power connector? 5.5*2.1? or is there a better connector out there?

There are lots of options available but I got a heavy duty waterproof connector