NEED HELP! Cant identify connectors or battery

I bought two of these 46v batteries through facebook marketplace off someone who wrecked his Ebike. The batteries test at 54.2v (he sent them freshly charged I guess). Can anyone help me identify the odd looking serial battery connector that this has? Also the bullet connector for the charging port. It measures in at 8.1mm for the outer barrel, and 1.6mm for the inner barrel hole. I plan to use these two batteries for a mountainboard build. I also already tried to look up the information on the sticker with no luck. 57284576_398950917604588_4683297781975089152_n 57328138_2268243363437740_1575041155429564416_n 57358077_643514519452939_3732860577802878976_n

Check here? The shark one looks similar…

it does look really similar. Im going to send them an email and see if maybe they have one like this.

Oh the first port is a 7mm dc jack port I think, I have it on my scooter