Need help choosing a motor

Hi all,

Im currently running a dual chain drive setup on a diy mountainboard build. Im currently waiting for some new Lipo’s as the others weren’t great so am changing. Im also considering changing the motors and wanted some thoughts.

Im currently running these:

But have seen a lot of people using these

Whats everyone’s thoughts?

Thanks in advance

I’d go with the 6374

Sensored vs unsensored Small vs bigger Low kV vs higher kV Why you want to change and what’s your thoughts behind? Both would work for a specific goal you wanna reach.

want to get a bit more speed mostly really, bit more of a kick to the board.

One of the biggest differences which is not something im too familiar with is the Internal resistance ad on the SK3 is only 0.016 Ohm compared to my current motors being 90.

I just realised that the SK3 motors are too long for my setup. anyone know of any motors that match them specs but isnt as long?

on which hanger it should fit?

Im assuming by hanger you mean motor mount? If so, its a custom build so i will make the mounts fit the motor, its the space between them i have the issue with

I wanted to know which trucks you use. if you want us to tell you which motors would fit we need to know how much space you have.

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Im looking at these

I have a maximum 163mm to fit the two motors between.


don´t buy flipsky motors. you will buy new once soon after. they have shown to have lots of issues.

Hanger means hanger. Its the part of your skateboard trucks that holds the wheels and what you mount your mounts too…

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Especially flipsky 6374. Some of the smaller flipsky motors seem to have better reviews but the 6374 is not worth the money.

Right ok, Any recommendations?

How about Torque motors, ive heard good things about these.


Ill always recommend maytechs. @hyperIon1 has been cutting some great deals lately. Tb has quality parts and they are here on the fourm regularly. So if any problems do arises you know you’re taking to a rear person.

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@Skunk They are a little out of my price range.

Message @hyperIon1 he’s been clearing out stock and smelling things lower than normal. If he doesn’t have anything that works post a WTB thread. Never know what people have laying around. What’s you max budget for a pair?

Max budget is £150 for the pair, which is why i was looking at the HobbyKing SK3’s but they are too long for my setup.

Whats the thoughts on the Torque motors?

Ive never personally owned any. But i know i see TB on the site regularly talking with and helping people in need.

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