Need help choosing wheels

Hello, I’m trying to build an electric skateboard, I would like it to go around 35kph. I already have some parts:

  • The trucks with motor mount and pully, its a 39T, to fit some abec style wheels
  • I also already have some lipos laying around: 4x 3s 3000mah lipos which I’m planning to put in series to get a 12s battery, and 2 more 5000mah 3s batteries
  • A 6374 192 kv motor (turnigy sk3)

Now my question is what wheels should i get? Im thinking of going for 83mm wheels to get some more tork, because i probably will have enough speed with a 12s battery. Or should i go with 90 of 97mm wheels and maybe just go 6s and put my batteries in parallel to get more range?

According to i would get over 50kph with 12s battery and around 30 with 6s (and 90mm wheels) but I’m not sure of this is correct.

So those were my questions, the battery size doesn’t really matter (12s or 6s) because i could test it when I’m riding but its mostly the wheels l’m not sure about.

Thanks in advance

Edit: some typing errors

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Big wheels are always nice, 83mm is kind of considered small these days & with 39t pulley maybe there are some ground clearance issues.

12S is better than 6S in terms of wire gauge & current draw. What ESC do you have?

Can you upload pictures yet? would be great to see your existing stuff so we can see if it is worthy.

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Thanks, Would i have enough tork with 97mm wheels or should i go with 90mm? I don’t really have any hills where i live but i would like to go get over some bridges.

I don’t really have anything build yet, but here is a picture of the parts i have

I know the c rating may be a bit low but I’ll see how it turn out.

The motor I’m getting this week of a friend who bought it for a school project, its this one:

For esc I’m probably going to buy this vesc of banggood:

With this remote:

I’m planning on making the deck myself. So yeh thats what I’m planning, thanks for your input!

If you’re stuck with the ABEC core pattern, I’d get some ABEC11 Refly 97mm, but if you had a kegel pulley life would be better.

The ABEC11 Flywheels would work also. I’d avoid the 81A durometer though, which is only on the super, super old ones anyway.


Aha thank you, I will look into that.

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These are back in stock after however long. Finally putting mine to use again on the 3 links.


I hesitated to mention any 107mm wheels because his drive pulley is only 39 tooth on a single drive.

With a low power drivetrain and some small lipos, maximizing torque is going to be important, so I would stick to 97mm.

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Okey thank you, still not sure if i should go 90 or 97mm wheels, it wil probably be some abec clones as i don’t have the largest budget. I do have a 3d printer tho so i could 3d print a larger pulley but I’m not sure how good that would turn out.

ABEC clones kinda suck. I’d recommend real ABEC11 that are well-used, over a set of brand new clones.

I have an extra set of 90mm abec clone wheels if you’re in the USA, they wouldn’t be expensive. I don’t see a country listed on your profile.

Yeh i thought so, I’m from Belgium so thats probably not going to work. Ive been looking around for a couple of months now but there aren’t many people around that have large abec style wheels laying around. But thanks for the offer.

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