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Need help connecting Remote to Speed Controller

Hello Everyone,
I bought most of my equipment for my electric skateboard from enertion. I bought the Space cell battery, single motor/mount, the speed controller, and the trucks. However, the remote was unavailbe from enertion so instead I bought a radio controller the FS-GT2 from FLY SKY. I am struggling with how to connect the remote receiver with the ESC from enertion. If someone could help asap that would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @arpitdave, welcome!

You will need a male-male servo cable to attach the remote receiver to your VESC.

You should also check out the VESC faq section here about how to set it up:

good luck on your build!

Have a look at this picture,

Why are there two ESCs? Can someone send a link to a step by step explanation? Is the coding done for it already?

It’s just a picture on how the receiver is connected, the two vescs don’t mather.
There’s also a diagram on how to solder the servo wire to the VESC around here somewhere.
EDIT : found it

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Thank you for all your help guys! So one last question… So far, I have attached the battery and set up the motor on the front wheels. I have the remote and its wireless connector. So once I have a male to male servo cable I can connect that one end to the remote control receiver thing. So which section do i connect it to? Also which section does the plug for the remote go into? The options are VCC, Ch1, Ch2, and Ch3. Once i have connected those and soldered the motor to VESC wires do i need to do anything else? Is the chip that is connected to battery preprogrammed? Like do I have to connect the VESC to the computer and upload a program to it or has that already been done? Once again thanks for your help

you need to connect the VESC to the computer and run motor detection at a minimum.

and channel 2 is usually the throttle channel.

when buying the cable, do you need 3 channel to 1 channel, or is 1 channel to 1 channel fine…in the pic below it looks like on end of the servo cable is bulkier, I assume its for the mutliple channels on the receiver?

Just a plain 3-wire servo cable is all.

thanks so much! I just ordered the last of my parts minus the charging rig, still deciding whether to get a pricey one to quickly charge 3 batteries are a cheap one to charge slowly.