Need help connecting to my foc box

I have been a lurker for a Long time, and made a board i had up and running. Then I began to upgrade and bought some foc boxes for a dual set-up.

A few month ago I connected to them and uploaded ackmaniac’s firmware. Now I have gotten all the last peices for my project. And the weather has finally become ridable.

The problem is now I can’t get a connection to do a setup. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and all I can find on this great forum.

I have posted some pictures that might help troubleshooting.

English is not my first language, sorry for any misspellings.

IMG_20190417_133835 IMG_20190417_133755 IMG_20190417_133849 IMG_20190417_133637 IMG_20190417_133629 IMG_20190417_133658

Please help. Bump

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Are you sure it’s connected to the cable? The focbox micro usb header is a bit recessed and requires a longer connector to reach, or alternatively you can take off the housing to connect with any cable.

Yes I have taken the enclosure off for that specific reason.

probably worth checking if you have an unknown device in your device manager, you’ve managed to change the fw, so the usb was in working order.

make sure you are using a usb cable that can transfer data, not those crappy charge only cables

Okay, it’s just that the picture you have on there still has the enclosure on.

The picture was after I gave up and put it all back together :grinning:

Might be a stupid question but how do I check if I have an unknown device ?

Back at it again…IMG_20190418_102954

looks like you already tried different cables right? If no, do so.

Also switch of bluetooth on your laptop just in case it´s on.

Check if you have all driver installed you need. Should be if you used it before, but who knows, never bad to check that.

I tried that link but it couldn’t find any flight controller IMG_20190418_112744

And yes I’ve tried 7 different cables

It just continues searching


try this one

might be easier

and check if your USB port is set to auto detect.

Wich of the programs should I run and how do I check my USB port is set to auto detect

in the last link you should find the right driver you need.

unfortunately I can´t tell you how to set it to auto detect on a WIN pc. Might just need to goolgle it. shouldn´t be a big thing.

If you plug in the USB cable to your PC and the focbox, you hear a ping noice that the device was recognized?

Sadly I don’t.

I have tried 3 different computers as well

hm that sound not good. how the LEDs on the focbox when you power everything on? some red light blinking?

maybe some dirt came inside of the mini usb on the focbox?

the is a blue and green light on both foc boxes