Need help diagnosing my Kaly 2.0

I was out on a ride yesterday going up a fairly steep hill when my board died at over 50% battery.

The power button light on the board is completely off but holding down the power button consistently allows the remote to connect, but nothing happens when pressing forward or backward. Letting go of the power button causes the remote to disconnect a second later.

I let the board cool off for an hour to make sure it didn’t overheat, I then charged it to make sure the battery didn’t just die.

I opened up the enclosure:

No water damage, no loose cables, nothing visibly wrong at all.

I unplugged and replugged every connection, made sure the fuse had not blown, and used a multimeter to test the battery, which gave a consistent 48v. I unfortunately don’t have any spare battery packs or XT60 connectors so I’m not 100% sure the battery isn’t the issue.

I then tried testing the Unity, plugging it into my PC and got this error:

I tried testing the Unity while just pressing the power button once and while holding it down. While holding it down it does connect for a second before giving the serial port error.

I’m very inexperienced when it comes to ESK8 building and I’m still waiting to hear back from Ernesto.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated here.

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Also I think your Unity’s internal anti spark switch died, just my hypothesis


My name is jason, i am the manufacturer of the focbox unity you have.

Seems there is probably some blown parts or something causing the fault.

You do need to make contact with the manufacturer of your board and wait for their response, and then they will be able to run through the normal diagnostic/ warranty claim procedure.

If it is determined to be a manufacturer fault and is covered under the warranty i will work with the board supplier ernesto to get a replacement part sent out asap.

Otherwise, if its out of warranty, you just need to swap the unity out, ernesto and myself are here to help this process happen as smooth as possible.

Please bear with us both, as we are both keen to help you get moving again, but just need to go through the motions to ensure it’s handled correctly.

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Thank you, I’ll reach out again once Ernesto replies.

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