Need help! Flipsky Vesc’s stopped working

Hey, so I recently ordered 2 flipsky vesc’s from Amazon. Worked perfectly for around an hour until I hit a puddle downtown. The puddle was very small and only splashed the battery enclosure.

After I hit that puddle I had no control over the board as it seemed to have shut off. I checked the connections and noticed one vesc was disconnected. The weird thing was that both vesc’s went out.

I took it home to examine the electronics to see that nothing smelled burnt, looked burnt, or even slightly wet on the inside. The thing is that when the power is turned on, the receiver lights up but the vesc’s don’t.

I tried connecting them to my laptop to read them but it wouldn’t connect. After a couple of minutes of letting them sit with power on, they started getting a little warm. Could it be that the motors got wet and burnt something out in the controllers? I read that someone had a similar issue where the power got disconnected while braking and it totally fried the controller. Did my controllers meet the same fate?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I recommend uplugging everything from them (receiver/sensors/etc).

It sounds to me like the 5V or 3V3 is shorted out somewhere, this would cause them not to power up, although there may not be a problem with the Supply from the battery.

You should be able to power them up from your PC with the USB.

Take it apart, work out which bits work if any, and this should help you to isolate the problem.

My flipsky went swimming once. It’s dead as hell.

Rip man. Those things aren’t cheap either…

Thanks! I appreciate the suggestion, but I’m very impatient when it comes to these types of things so I already ordered two new ones. I might spend some time later in the summer to examine the broken ones though.

Did it smoke?

I got like 6 of them on a group buy with some friends a couple years ago and they were less than 100 dollars for 4.2s. even though they’re flipshits the only one that doesn’t work that I know of is the the wet one :rofl: