Need help for best setting dual e-mtb

hi there i just finish my mountain board today (new motor mountings ) i need some help to set my vesc 4.12 to the best value to reduce heat so here my set up 14 teeth to motor and 48 for my 8inch wheel (yes l know i can use 10 teeth but i want to keep some top speed ) 6s 2x 16ah 15c 2x sk3 192kv 4.12 vesc with 2.18 firmware ppm remote and bluetooth with app

To keep things simple i just need the minimum information to have a safe ride experience with good brake and smooth acceleration and reduce chance of overheat my esc , some talk about erpm max , but at 6s i dont think its a problem to set it at lower value , also i have tried the traction control but it doesnt seem to work with 6s because of less power at the wheel but here i have snow and if this feature can help me to limit the spinning it will be great to use it thanks everyone

motor max 60a motor min 60a batt max 60a batt min 10a absolute max 130

sorry my weak english , i can also try to upload screenshot thanks


These are the settings I run on my dual drive street boards running 10s 5ah 60C Lipos.

Motor max 80a Motor min -40a Batt max 50a Batt min -10a Absolute max 140a

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That would be too slow for my taste, at 6s you will have a top speed of 38km/hr my bet is the performance will wear out pretty fast on you and will leave you wanting for more with a subpar esk8 experience.

I’d get at least an 8S to 51km/hr and much wider powerband.

You are going to be runing only 22.2V nominal and 25.2V at full charge, I’m not sure if your battery could handle 60A of discharge for each vesc


More voltage, less amps required = longer running times and battery life

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i already run 32ah 6s this set up for a while but i can also series to 12s but i don’t need such speed thanks

yes l know but at 12s is too fast for me thanks , since ‘bigboytoys’ past away l realized it can happen to me to so i prefer run slower but with range

You will have the same range at 12s 16Ah as 6s 32Ah, if not more…

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but theses are the 4.12 version and l have read they burn with too much voltage

Most people can run them at 12s without problems… Remember that you can «burn» them up at 6s too, as you will be pulling a shit ton of current/amps …

yes you right!!! but if it can help reduce the amps draw it will solve heat problem too but if i need to find in the bldc app a feature reduce my top speed to 25mph please anyone?

You can do some math and set a max erpm to limit you max speed. If you post all your specs I can do the calculations for you :wink:

ok here its what i have on my hand for 12s

14 tooth motor and 48 for wheel with 8inch tires

Or with 10 tooth pinion motor with 48 tooth wheel with 8inch tires

dual sk3 192kv

4.12 vesc with 2.18 firmware

ppm remote and bluetooth with app

You shold be using the 10t for a better reduction ratio… 192kv * 44.4v = 8524 rpm’s at the motor. 8524/4.8 = 1775 rpm’s at the wheel. 200mm * 3.14= 628mm per revolution of the wheel. 628mm* 1775= 1 114 700 Mm per minute 1 114 700Mm\1000= 1114 m per minute. 1114m\60= 18.56 m per sec 18.56*3.6= 66 km per hour. Now, this will roughtly be your top speed with a erpm of 59 668…

Now, since 66km/h will be your top speed, we say that is 100%… 25kmh/66kmh= 37% 59668/100*37= 22000…

And there you go! Limit your erpm to 22000, but make sure to uncheck «limit with negative torque», and you should not reach more than 25 km/h.

However, it would be more efficient to have lower kv motors, but oh well.

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thanks for the math ! is but 25km/h is too slow my top speed was 39km/h at 6s and 45km/h will be just fine at 50volt for me

Oh Sorry, I read 25 kmh instead of 25 mph. Set a Max erpm of 35000 for 40kmh/25mph, or 40000 for 45kmh. :smiley:

lol not problem the calculation are for 10 tooth or can be use with the 14 tooth as well ? I found also on my android app a speed limiter but did’nt try for now , my present project is build traction edge with some cutting tire and stud for the winter condition here , l think i will post a some picture about this soon so thanks for the help Frederik

You will Get a little more speed with the 14T, but you should use the 10T for better performance, AS your motors are pretty high kv

less energy spend at the start with the 10 tooth i guess

Not only at the start, but really whenever you are using power :wink: