Need help for my first build

Hi guys! I want to make an electric longboard, but after researching it a bit I found out… nothing. I am really not good at electricals, so I have no idea whatsoever about which components I should use. So, I know it may be a bit much to ask, but can anyone help me with all the electrical components I’m going to need? The board has to have a range of at least 10 miles, going around 15mph, and, if possible, has to cost under 400USD/310GBP. If you could provide links too, that would be great too! Thanks!

EDIT: I already have a longboard with trucks and wheels, so that won’t be a problem.

Are you located in the UK? Do you already own a longboard? I am selling some parts for relatively cheap if you dont mind waiting a month or so.

15mph is not very fast… Are you sure that’s the speed you want?

For only $400 you will probably want to run 6s, with 2 5000mah packs probably. I would go for a 190kv setup with a 16/36 gearing.

Use this site for calculation:

Thanks for replying! I’m probably going to use the board when it is dark outside for this time of the year, so I think there is quite a big chance for me to hit a small stone, and if I was going fast, it wouldn’t be very nice to fall off, but you’re probably right, it may be a bit slow, but I have to be able to go at least 10 miles without charging, so I guess that if I go much faster, I would need a very big battery…? And does 16/36 mean 16 teeth on the motor and 36 on the wheel?

And should I put the 2 battery packs in series or in parallel?

I live in Denmark, so it is quite close, but I think that I’ll do it a bit sooner, but if I wait, I’ll keep you in mind :slight_smile:

You’d be surprised, it would have to be a big rock to fall off. I ride around in NYC and there are tons of rocks on the ground and nothing bad has happened because of them yet. I also have bindings on my board so it keeps me held in pretty well, but I can still bail if necessary. It would be a big battery. Yes 16/36 - 16 on motor / 36 on wheel. Put the packs in parallel. Get a 6S esc around 190-200kv motor.

your budget is going to make it tough. Definitely a single motor setup. I would source the least expensive gears you can find online, or look at some used items like suggested.

As you live in Denmark - i’m also guessing you are in the flat regions so don’t need a ton of hill climbing ability?

So assuming the flats, 10mi range, 15mph speed - missing piece is how much do you weigh?

Yeah, you’re right, I think the maximum increment is about 5% where I live, so that won’t be a problem. I only weigh 50kg (I’m very small, considering my age).

Would this be a viable option?

ESC (6s), controller and motor (6354)

Battery 2 x ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 3S1P 10C

Pulley’s and belt Aluminium Timing Belt Pulley, 10mm Belt Width x 5mm Pitch, 16 Tooth, Maximum Bore Dia. 12mm

Aluminium Timing Belt Pulley, 10mm Belt Width x 5mm Pitch, 36 Tooth, Maximum Bore Dia. 42mm


I’m not quite sure about the battery charger, but except for that and the mount for the motor, shouldn’t that be all?

My board Length: 39" Width: 8.76" Wheels: 74mm x 52mm Flex: Very flexy

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your battery is too low on c rating. Better get at least 20C rating. And if you like more range go with 2 3s zippy 8000mah 30C. For a charger go with the imax b6 - cheap and good.

calculate your speed here:

So how about I use two of these batteries in series:

It says that the connectors are 5.5mm on that one, so that would mean I would have to choose the 12s motor, so I have the 5.5mm connectors instead of the 4mm? That costs €60 more. But if I did that, would it all work then? And does it matter that the belt is only 9mm even though the pulleys are 10mm?


these batteries are good! i use them too. Just solder 5.5mm connectors to your motor- and esc wires. 9mm on 10mm pulley will work, but depending on how much you weight and what hills you want to climb is 9mm perhaps a bit small. If you can get your hands on a 12mm or 15mm belt and pulleys, would be perfect

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Hi As you are only 50kg and no real hills a 9mm belt would do - but a 15mm would be better. The wheel gear has to fit the wheel so it also depends on what wheels you have. Personally I would suggest you get the gears 3D printed - I was skeptical at first but worked fine. If on a budget I would get the ABEC clone wheels as there are 3D gears plans available for them. That ESC + controller and motor kit seems OK. The 30C zippy 5000mah are good. At your weight should get you to 10 miles on flat ground. Very flexy board is not good as you would have to secure the bits underneath it and if everything is flexing that would be difficult. What trucks you got and how do you plan to attach the motor? 15mph is fast enough for general commuting and fun. To much bullshit and boasting about speed on this forum. I would challenge anybody to try do much over that on the roads we have around here. Fine if you have nice paths with no people on them but I live in the real world with crappy pavements with people, roads that coppers will nick you if they saw you riding on them and also have consideration for other people. If you are getting a board to ride around a velodrome until you get dizzy then disregard the above. Good luck on your build.

I weight 90kg and right now i run 5565 290kv alien motor with 2x5000mah 3s 25c zippys, 15/35 9mm gearing and 70mm wheels. That’s totally enough on flat ground. It climb relatively steep hills. Now i’ve use cool rc 120A esc and it been okay. Money spent 350e in whole shit. 30kmh and 9km range. It has been suprisingly reliable board.

Belts and pulleys from

That sounds great. I don’t have any access to a 3D printer, so it would be a bit troublesome to get it sent. I know it’ll be a problem to attach it to the board, but i am on a budget, so i can’t afford to buy a new one. My trucks are paris style trucks, I plan on attaching the by drilling some holes in the trucks and using some bolts and probably attaching it to a strip of aluminium with the motor. About 80% of the paths i go on, there aren’t any people, so i may have underestimated the speed i would be going a bit, but i agree with you, it seems amazing to me that some people drive 30mph. Thanks for the help.

Hi 3D printed parts can be ordered online, just google 3D printing services. (Just to keep that option open) This still leaves the question as to how you are going to attach the pulley to the motor shaft (that one has no grub screw and no key channel) as well as the wheel gear. If not properly concentric you will feel it and belt life will be effected. Belts can be got here as well, (In UK and cheaper - though looking back I see you are in Denmark so maybe not)) As you are making the motor bracket yourself you can make it to fit the belt length you choose.

Hi I think I may need another motor, as according to the speed calculator, if I only use 190kV, and put the batteries in series, I will only have a weighted top speed of 11.37mph, so is it okay to use a 280kV motor? I will have to check if the pulleys will fit, otherwise, I may have to get them 3D printed as you said. So if I instead of the kit I mentioned earlier used this motor, this ESC, and some other controller. Would that work?

Personally I think that motor is to small. 1500W is pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel, even for a smaller dude. Minimum I would suggest is: I think though that the difference in price between a 50mm motor and a 63mm motor is so small and the increase in performance is really “feelable” that you should go with a 63mm motor. If staying with a 50mm go with something >2000W. Personally I have used these in the past and found them good: 230KV @ 22V with 74mm wheels and 16T/36T gears should get you well over 15mph Controller in both cases I see is the FVT. I had one it was good, others have not been so lucky. (But that goes for practically all ESCs so…)

Yea, 190kv with 6s isn’t very ideal. 260kv-280kv with 6s and 10s with 190kv. And buy HTD5 belts and pulleys. That one you linked looked like XL pulley. It’s cheaper set, but not very long-lasting.

or if you´re not in a hurry speak with @ajaynagra about a different motor. He is should be able to get you a 6374 or a smaller 6355 with your desired kv specs cheaper than anywhere else.