Need help for the app eSkate

Hi I connect the eSkate app to my HM-10 Module I have iPhone 8 and vesc 6 But everything on the app stay at 00 Some one can help me thank you

turn on “ppm and uart” in the vesc settings

I did it It is on

Did you set the baud rate? The baud rate of the module has to match the settings in the Vesc and phone App.

My Baud vesc is 115200 On my phone I don’t know But the light stop blinking when I connect to my phone

Set the baud rate to 9600


Still not working

Did you solder the leads yourself or did you buy it? Double Check that every pin is where it’s supposed to be.

Hi bought it

Are you sure you plugged in the right slot? Show us a picture of the bluetooth plugged into the Vesc

I assume you got it to work since you marked me solution. Sike.

Is not working And I don’t know what I have to do for make it work

Show us the connection on the bluetooth. And unmark the solution buttom.

This is the picture of the app

Is your phone actually connected to the tooth or just scanning it? I am trusting that the supplier got the pins right.

Are you using the Ackmaniac firmware for the VESC tool? I’m not sure if you have tonor not for it to work with the VESC 6

I have to start the app for connect it

Yea I use arkmaniac