Need help from you experts.. will this combination work

*BOARD- Blank 40x9.5 Stiff Flex

*VESC- Ollin VESC 4.12 Ollin VESC

*CONTROLLER- “Winning” 2.4Ghz Mini Thumb Stick Controller Psychotiller Remote

*BATTERY- Enertion Space Cell Pro4 Enertion Battery

*DRIVETRAIN- Enertion Single Drive Kit ( Unfortunately I purchased from a local seller here on Hawaii, its never been used but I have no way on telling the specs.

I just want to make sure these things will all work together to make a decent E Board?

I have done a lot of reading and heard of a lot of different components IE Anti Spark, BMS, etc… Does it look like I have everything I need or are there other components I am missing?

Are these components plug and play or do I need additional cables/components to piece this together.

I know I have a lot of questions but I just want to do this right the first time, Thank You!!

Sounds like it would work, other than you need a switch

The space cell 4 has a built in switch, is there another switch I am missing?

The battery does have a switch. You do not need another one. I would not use a winning remote. Search around. I think they are well known to be unreliable

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Could you give me a recommendation, looking for something smaller. Doesnt matter if its trigger or thumb controlled.

This combination will work, so many build are based on this setup.

Not sure… I myself have a mini remote from @JLabs but I think its bigger than the winning

If you´re looking for a similar, get a Benchwheel remote or the Enertion nano-x

OK thanks for everyones input… do I need to purchase any additional cables/components to assemble all this together?

I will have stock of the mini remote at the end of the month or early next month