Need help getting components for a DIY board. (from UK)

If anyone could help me source components that would be great. The type of board I am going for is a single belt driven motor and hoping for li-ion battery but might have to go lipo. This is the deck I already bought, it has a wheelbase of about 26" which I think should be plenty. image

My current plan is to grab a pair of caliber II trucks, orangatang kegel 80mm wheels, riser pads, bearings, a brushless motor, the mounts pulleys and belt, an esc with remote controller, battery and then probably wire connectors where necessary. After all that probably an enclosure also.

Firstly I want to make sure I’ve covered all the components I will need for the board to work. Then I want to find the right compatible components, I know this is a large ask but my main focus is getting a good battery, an esc that works and a motor that works and the rest I can probably handle. The biggest problem with this is a £200-400 budget.


The budget is very difficult to work with. Buy a prebuilt with the budget

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Buying a prebuilt isn’t really an option for me, how far overbudget would I have to go? I am assuming the battery is the reason I can’t afford it.

Why is a prebuilt not an option. Double your budget so maybe £800

Building it as a college project. Is £800 really necessary for it? It only needs to be functional.

go find @mmaner’s post about how he would go about making a budget longboard

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You might be able to get away with that budget if you keep an eye on the esk8 market place for used parts.

Go for the new MEEPO V3… only $400. Right now.

Hey man, you can check out my build thread and I managed to do it for about 500 without the deck, but you could find a cheap one on ebay. Is it for your GCSEs?

800 is quite a bit, I don’t think you need to spend that much for it to be good🤔

It’s for an AS not gcse but essentially the same. Also, I looked over your build thread, good job. How did you find the self made battery pack. Was it cost effective and did it perform? Was it easy to do?

Thanks dude😁. I found it cost effective. The batteries came to £110 the BMS was £55 plus miscellaneous things like Nickel stop and cable. The battery came to a total of just under £200 and I believe a similar premade 10s3p 30q would be closer to £300. After a lot of research and videos explaining soldering technique I found it relatively easy, with only small soldering experience (nothing like the complexity of this) It was just quite time consuming but may be good to detail in your AS that you built the battery?