Need help identifying the problem here

Ok, I guess I am making an edit before I even post this question since I just found out you can’t post vid files here, only pic files. This does me no good since you not only have to see, but more importantly, hear the issue at hand. Does anyone know or have a suggestion of how I can post a short 10-15 sec video (4.1MB) of the issue I’m having so you guys can view it and perhaps give advice?

My motors have started squealing after I removed them to blow out the dust and clean them up a bit. However when I put them back on the board now they are doing this nonsense. I could describe the problem in better detail but it’s a rather lengthy explanation. Figured I would post this vid and see if anyone recognizes the problem before I go into detail about the under what conditions the motors, if in fact it is the motors, are under when making this horrible sound.

My only other guess is maybe the VESC is messed up and sending bad signals???

Edit #2: OK, so I figured out how to get this to where you guys can view it. So without further ado:

Video is here

Yes, the board is not the most aesthetically pleasing to look at, I know this. When it did run properly it was a sick beast - and it will be again. Please let me know what you think of the motor issue. Thanks!

Is it squealing at a constant frequency or stuttering? Squealing would suggest junk in the bearings or loading from misalignment. Possible a loose magnet or something rubbing between stator and rotor. Stuttering suggests wiring or vesc issue. Might do to remove and have a look in there. Rotate motor without load and see if there’s resistance or tightness.

Just a hunch… did you have hall sensors hooked up prior? If you dont reinstall them in the exact same way, they do weird shjt. Try running motor dection again…

I have sensorless NoName China specials from DIYboard. 6354 180KV 2000W. So no, no hall sensors in the motors, though next time I am leaning towards sensored ones. Why? Good question. Probably because no better reason than I will be able to collect more data in the VESC tool - for what that’s worth…I can’t run the motor detection. Whatever is wrong it keeps the VESC tool from being able to spin up the wheels to calculate duty cycle, current, etc…(I don’t know if it is those values specifically I just used those variable names to illustrate the point). It works for one of the wheels but not the other.

I really need to be able to post a vid of it, there is no way to describe it accurately with written words. This website apparently doesn’t allow for vid file posting, only pic files. It seems to me I received a vid from someone a while ago where the vid file was too big for the email so he included a link that took me somewhere to view the vid, but I can’t remember for the life of me how he did it. It’s a shame too because the file really isn’t that big, only 4.1MB and for a 15 second clip that’s not too shabby.

I might have mentioned in my OP that I really need to find a way to make available the short 15 sec clip a made of the problem in action. There is no way to describe with words what it sounds like and the conditions it occurs under. And actually the issue that happens when the board is on “jacks” and there is no load the problem develops in a different way than when I’m on the board riding. Too much acceleration at too slow of a speed results in the squealing. I need to push myself up too as fast as I can with my feet and then give it the ever so slightest amount of throttle or the squealing kicks in. When this happens the motor is actually trying to turn in reverse but because of the fwd momentum it can’t turn backwards - but it does slow me down as well as pull the board to the left (same side the issue is on) with pretty severe force.

Let’s see, how do I word this? When I am moving fwd and it is going not much faster than skating by foot speed (5-8mph or faster) and I have eased off of the throttle and am coasting, could be 10mph or could be 25mph, if I then try to give it throttle again the motor will do it’s reversing thing then too. Obviously I don’t want to be tossed off the board at that, or any other, speed so I must wait for the board to coast to below 8mph and then again, ever so slightly fwd on the throttle lest it reverse again. Let me clarify something while I’m thinking of it, the reversing is intermittent, just as often the motor will stall out and not turn but stutter moving only a few degrees back and forth rapidly - this is observed only when there is no load because when I am riding of course, the wheel is turning in relation to the fwd movement of the board (from the built up momentum) and the frictional forces between wheel and pavement keep it spinning fwd - though it puts up a nasty fight trying not to - hence the severe pull to the left.

Yeah, I don’t why I went into detail about that. That probably makes no sense at all to you guys. Like I mentioned I really need to find a way to post the 15 sec vid and put a link here so you guys can see what I’m talking about since this site doesn’t allow for vid posting, only pic posting. Only then will you get an accurate depiction of what the symptoms are. This merely describes the conditions that it occurs under, and poorly at that probably. Let me see what I can do about getting that vid up so people can see it. Google drive maybe?

Post the video to youtube and then post the link here…

You need to get motor detection working…

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Post updated with link to video of motor issue in OP

Video still not working for me

When I clicked on it, it gave me the same problem. Not sure what that dead “onebox” was all about so I deleted it and created a hyperlink to the original location (in google photos).

The link worked for me this time, so hopefully everyone else too.