Need help making my belts tighter by moving one of my motos backwards on the mount

Hello! My 400mm belts fit almost perfectly snug, except one of my motors sits a tiny bit more forward than the other, causing its belt to be a tiny bit too loose. I have idlers, but the belts are not long enough at 400mm to fit even one idler and wrap around the all-terrain wheel pulleys. I have some longer belts on order from China, but in the mean time, I wanted to make my motors more parallel with each other anyway.

So, I was thinking I had to separate the motor pulley from the motor in order to adjust the motor’s location on the mount. Do I need to apply heat / a torch in order to separate them?

I bought these motors and mount 2nd hand. I believe they are 6374 Dark Matter motors. I tried unscrewing the 4 small 2.5 hex screws to loosen the motor from the mount, but I wasn’t able to move the motor back even 1mm.

I appreciate any and all help! -Natedark%20matter%20motors


They are @marcmt88 mounts by the look of them and I’m sure he will correct me if I’m wrong but they don’t laterally adjust. They rely on the idlers for belt tension. Is your belt slipping? If not then its fine as is.

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Okay. I had a feeling.

Not really. The belt only slips when braking really hard.

Hi Nate, Did you obtain those mounts second hand? from different sellers? They appear to have different arm length, one long and one mid size. The difference between long and mid is ~3mm. @dareno is correct. Belt tensioning rely on the idlers, not laterally adjust. Marc


Hey, Marc! Yes, they were purchased second hand from one seller. My friend @chris.hunt .

Alright. I’ll have to test it when I get those longer belts. Thanks!

he purchased them from me which i bought from you and i installed them on the trucks as you sent them to me and rode about 2 minutes before parting out my board and heading a different direction let me know if you need anything from me (proof of payment, etc.)