Need Help Modifying a 3d File

So I decided to mount my vesc away from the battery and to allow it to cool down better. I was wondering if any body can modify the file bellow to mount 2 vesc side by side but one piece and only need 6 screws to mount. Basically want two fused together with no screws ports in the middle, same goes with the top part as well.


Hey @Kuchi , I would love to help you but my CAD computer is super broke atm and I can’t even do some of the things that I need to :exploding_head: If I were you or If you can’t find someone who can help you, I would go to Thingiverse and just do a simple search for “Electric skateboard/longboard”

Dig through the pages and find what you need, or maybe even do a google search for dual VESC enclosure STL

Yeah I did but there is none, thanks for the willing to help me though.

Would something like this work for what you need?

No need to thank me I didn’t do anything :joy:. You can try to do it yourself if you install Sketchup 2017 Make: Make sure to get that edition, otherwise you wont be able to use it after a month. Learning CAD is super fun, and is a great tool to have, so I recommend finding some tutorials. Might I also suggest making your enclosure out of Carbon Fiber (nicest but most expensive, ABS plastic sheets (slightly cheaper) , or Kydex (good option and super cheap)?

Also @yelnats8j Gave a good option. I have actually printed that in the past, just flip it on its back.

I hope this helps

It is too large, won’t fit my printer

If that is too large for your printer then I don’t think that making 1 big cover is a good Idea. Look at my previous post and see those options

Take a look at this thread on a kydex enclosure .

I used Kydex once and it held up really good and was easy to work with.

Ok its actually not too large but the shape creates a lot of overhangs causing the print time to be very long.

Flip it so that the roof is on the bottom. Otherwise you have too many supports or caving. Also, don’t print anywhere above 50% infill, as you are just wasting time and material.

DON’T use supports they just clog up time and shouldn’t be necessary. Also, what material are you using?

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Still takes too long and needs support.

how long is the print? I would consider anything under 6 hours to be fairly reasonable, and try lowering the infill, as you don’t need that much strength, and a little flex is a good thing.

I would try in the range of 25-40%. You could go lower, but I don’t know what pattern and slicer you are using.

The lowest I could get it was 11 hours.

@Kuchi 11 hours is so good! My enclosure took over 18hrs to print at 15% infill

Lol, the case I designed was going to take like 40 something hours to print in 3 seperate pieces…I gave up on that idea

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this is my current situation : 20180709_122314

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Not really sure, thought STL file’s can’t be modify.

you can modify them using blender, except it doesn’t have measurements and imo it’s all over the place. You’re better off using onshape or some cad program to remodel your own according to the measurements of the stl. Windows 3d builder has an inbuilt measuring tool with which you can select start and finish points to find the measurements

B-but Blender has that…! T_T