Need help on mountain board build

Hi im building myself an Electric mountain board and wanted some advice on my build and see if anyone could help me pick out a better battery and options… here is where im at rn

Vesc6 Torque motor 6374 190kv some 3000 watts 2x 6s zippy compact 5600mAh 60c i think and everything in the kit that isn’t listed above

please respond with tips or a speed calculation and range too thanks evryone im new to this

i might also use @nowinds motor mounts

It comes with everything I’m pretty sure

I am also looking for something over 50 km/h

For that price go with a @psychotiller or @longhairedboy

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yes but i will only buy the parts not listed above

Uhhh If you want an off-road monster ask @psychotiller to build you one This is my opinion though

have you ever ridden a longboard before?

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Lol @GrecoMan

yes i have a landyacht 42 inch been riding for 7 years

Look the kit comes with two mounts and two motors of your choice (and also 2x vesc 6). I’m not quite sure you understand that, otherwise i don’t understand why you would buy a whole kit and then switch to other hardware. Anyways speed calculation can be found on the trampa website or by using a calculator lake

I think the batteries are ok if you are fine with the capacity, but the 190kv 6374 motor might a bit high kv depending on your gearing.