Need help on my diy build

Hey there, I am a 23 year old student trying to build my second diy e-board. My first build was a plug and play meepo like board. I ordered the parts in china from diy and it actually works fine for the price but I´m trying to build a new custom one with a lot more power and range for my little brother. I red a lot of stuff online (especially here, love this forum!) since November last year and I think I am up for the task. The budget for the board should be around 800€ it should have a lot of Torque and Range and be comfortable and nice to ride. I still got some questions and some unsecurities.

First my part list so far:

2 Motors I am trying to save a bit of money on all the stuff from

Pulley for the Motor:

Motor mount: https:///collections/motor-mount-parts/products/v4-motor-mount-only

The battery:




As for the Deck I was thinking about a loaded vanguard:

For the trucks Caliber II seem to work fine with it but was also thinking about the TorqueBoards: Torqueboard trucks: https:///collections/longboard-trucks/products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks

caliber II:


Now for my questions:

Is the Flex of the board compatible with the battery or does it hit the ground?

Is the Battery good? Are there any Alternatives?

I recently looked at the 12s4p torqueboards battery and it has a way higher Wh rating. Why?

Is the Motor any good? If not are there alternatives?

Is the ESC good? Compatible with the rest? Good alternatives?

Would the whole build be compatible with mtb tires similar to the Evolve? (of course with new pulley set)

Is the Controller good?

Does the Motor fit to the trucks?

Which Trucks would you recommend?

And does the Motor mount work with the caliber and Motor?

Thank you all for your answers!

stay away from diyeboard stuff. better safe up some money to get good parts.


Thanks for your answer! Can you maybe explain why? My first build was from their site and it is nothing special but it works just fine.

diyeboard is a known scammer and they are banned from this forum. Have you tried @torqueboards instead?

what he :point_up_2: said, plus lot´s of reports about failing parts. If you want to step up your game for your 2nd build than better use other vendors. Torqueboards is a good option for what you looking. if you have a flex deck you also need a felx battery or split battery.

the reason why torquboard battery and the diyeboard battery is so different is the cells they use. if you use higher capacity cells you will have more Wh even with less cells in the pack.

yea looked into it but the battery is so damn expensive…

can you send me a link for a felx or split battery? I was thinking of doing it like a boosted.

Would you rather have a cheap one that might catch on fire and burn all your other pieces and maybe your home too?

The battery should be the most expensive part of your build.

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If saving money is your game, I highly recommend

  • not trying to save money on the battery
  • going single-drive
  • saving money on decks and wheels and trucks
  • getting a @Boardnamics motor mount for $14.99

Also, the Hobbyking KEDA motors aren’t bad for their price.

I wouldn’t even consider a Loaded Vanguard (or any other name-brand deck like Landyachtz) if saving money is a primary goal. There are lots of decks around for much less money, and a low-quality deck is not a fire hazard and probably won’t cause a break-down like skimping on other pieces.


Thanks for your efforts! The Motor from hobbyking looks nice what kind of high range battery do you recommend?

Also I am trying not to do a single drive build because I want to build a high performance board. Maybe the budget is too low for that…

Your budget isn’t crazy low and if you do it right, it may work. It’s not really high but it might be doable. The battery and enclosure will be problems you have to solve first probably.

When compared to a diyeboard battery, yes it’s expensive. But its like comparing a mystery meat Street taco to a prime rib. Sure the taco gets you fed, but you might explode when you get home.


That’s the best analogy i’ve heard.


Sounds scary haha I also didn´t want to order from there again but it is so damn hard finding any good Battery alternative… I am not sure if I want a LiPo again

Lol thanks. Im pretty proud of myself for that one.

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The battery is the heart of the board. It’s expensive. I totally understand being intimidated the prices. But real proper cells are not only safer, but really do ride better.

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I actually know all that but the torque borad is too expensive and unfortunately I can´t find any appeling alternative …

What’s your budget for a battery?

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