Need Help on Optimization (My First Build)

So, I decided to start an esk8 build, and I understand how everything works together and all that, but I want to make sure all my parts are the best for a fair budget. (About 200-250 since I’m going to college and just need something to get me around.)

Motor - Was thinking of going with a 260kv motor since it still seems like it would fit my needs, but it isn’t as expensive as a 190kv. This is what I was thinking of going with: https:///products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-260kv

Batteries - Again, the batteries for the 190kv are much more expensive since it needs 10s instead of the 6s required for the 260kv. I ended up deciding on doing two 3s’s in series:

And if anyone could give some input on if this is a good buy for the ESC:

Well, those are the parts I’ve compiled. If anyone could give some advice on possibly how to get more range out of it, since I don’t care too much for the speed as long as it is reasonable (and possibly how much range this setup would get me). Other advice on better deals or if it would be worth the extra price to go up to the 190kv motor or where to get good deals on motor mounts and belts since I still have to spend some time finding those would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for spending the time reading!

What KV motor you get is highly dependent on the other pieces of your build. Please post your battery, gear ratios, wheel size, and vesc/esc of choice so we can help you

Sorry about that. Pressed save too early and wasn’t finished writing. Thanks for quick reply though.

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You can get a really good board by investing just a little more.

Get a 10s battery and a better ESC like a Focbox, the difference in your riding experience and lifespan alone are 1000% worth it. You can get a 190kv for good price these days, Maytech motors are strong and well built

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Would a turnigy SK3 190kv work as well as the Maytech? It’s around 50 dollars less, so it would help me with my budget. Using 5Ah 10s Zippy Compact batteries, what range could I expect? All better escs I could find really go over my budget, so how would keeping the esc effect everything? Also: Should i be using lipos? (I know how to charge them, but would it still be better to use either LiFePo or LiIon?)

Sorry for lots of questions, but thank you for the help.

Yes sk8 are good too.

I understand you want to keep the budget low, why put Lifepo4 on the table then? They are too expensive

Li-Ion are much better option but you will need to ask someone to build it for you or buy a lot of tool which will make it more expensive in the long run

Ok, fair enough. Was just checking through all of my options. Even if its not the best, since I could upgrade just that part later on the road, the esc I listed above should work with the 10s cells?’

Again, thank you so much.

If you want to upgrade later then the first esf would have been a waste of money.

Get a good ESC from the begining

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Can you recommend one that would maybe cost around $50 and could work with a remote?

Since the Focboc ones seem waay to overpriced for me.

sk3 or sk8? Also is it a sensored motor?

You can get a VESC for around $70-90. Would do you good in a long run.

Any ECS that will cost USD 50 wont run nice enough, ease of money IMHO

Ok, So these are what I’ve upgraded to.

Motor -

Battery (Getting one for now but could upgrade to two in parallel to expand range later) -


They will run a bit over budget, but I’m thinking a summer job could cover some extra costs. What would be good motor mounts and gear/belts. Also, how would I connect a control to that ESC, or would I need a separate receiver. Lastly, is there any chance of any of this breaking? Since it costs so much I’m worried about something not working and my money going to waste.

Are these upgraded electronics (which doesn’t count for the controller) worth the extra $90 it seems it will take to get them?

Haven’t heard good reports on flipsky Vesc … possibly do some research on here before you buy them.

If your just starting out nothing wrong with torque board mounts and belts etc.

I’ve run the turnigys they seem fine