Need help opening a motor - resolved

Probably a simple and dumb question, but I don’t know how to do it. Anyway: How do I remove this clamp so I can take the cover off my motor to see whats causing smoke? I have not been able to get torque boards to help me.

You’re not going to get it off without purchasing or borrowing a circlip tool. See if an auto parts store can rent you one would be what I’d try first. Then I’d buy one if that didn’t work

thank much

If you are in a hurry a flat screw driver and a lot of patience can get it done

You can do it with needle nose pliers, but it’s a bit difficult…

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I have the same Motor (Torque Motor) and same need to remove the circlip. I went to Amazon to buy a plier but there are like 10 different sizes… Can one of you point me to one that will do ? Also I would like to buy a couple of other Circlips just in case. Thanks