Need help picking some trucks

So I’m building two crazy boards! Eboosted 12s 8p 40t packs and enclosure evo spectrum 40 deck. I’ve bought the 6384 motors from flipsky considering they were going on the flipsky 15.2" trucks but since the first of June when I placed my orders they keep delaying the date they’re going to have them in stock. So we’re now 2 months later and I’ve got everything for the builds except the trucks! Now they have postponed them being back in stock four times now! I need an alternative truck even if its not a double kingpin truck. Does anyone have any truck suggestions for trucks and mounts wide enough to fit 6384’s?

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I don’t know if they will fit 6384s, but some favorites in the ESK8 community are Caliber II Trucks, and Paris Trucks.

They wont fit these trucks. The motors are the length of nearly the whole truck.

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the only type of trucks I know that can fit 2 6384 next to each other are the Trampa trucks(they also have longboard trucks 12.5" or 15.5" ) or the mbs matrix 2 but those are probably not the type you’re looking for…

The matrix or trampa won’t work on a evo deck. I was thinking about making a wedge to angle the trucks but the issue is mainly the 12mm axle. Can only run 8" wheel with 28mm outer race bearings. 12" trucks won’t work either.

Thanks!!! I’m looking into that but their trucks seem too small but I wrote them just to be sure.

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2013 Cast Ronins … You wont find better - Though hard to find took me years then found two pairs during COVID. well worth it

270mm trucks too small huh?

not unless you are running 100mm long motors.

I did contact them and they are very nice trucks! Even the 220mm would fit 6384’s. I’m going to most likely go with the 270mm trucks from boardnamics, very nice product. Thanks @Fosterqc! Much appreciate :pray:

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nah it’s my first name Quinn and my middle initial. Lol never had someone think that!

I am also planning on ordering all these parts from BN: (Need new axles for my Surf-rodz besides the two sets of 220 trucks I already have hahaha)

I am waiting to see if I want to grab the gear drive, and I think I will.

There are bearings, that have standard outer dia, and 10mm thru. I got them to adapt to my 15 inch flipsky trucks.

Yeah thats what I’ve been using but they’re 6mm wide instead of 7mm. It’s a 6900rs bearing