Need help plz help why did my xt60 connectors spark like who knows what when I was connecting the second battery

If someone could let me know what I did wrong. Thx

Way too scared to even plug in now

Probably an internal short, or something is connected backwards

Which parts have you used before?

I got all the wires right u think xt60s are too small for 240 amps

My parts are 150A esc 720A burst current. 2 4000 mah 60c 22.2v 6s lipos

By a factor of 4 but they would melt before blackening. That’s the mark of a short

Seems like the spark jumps and shorts it

Should I use ec5 connectors instead


You should test your controller, it may be dead now it has shorted

It looks like either a short or you plugged it in backwards using that harness you have there

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Thank God, I tested it its fine both Battery and controller

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I would like to know how your getting 240 amps. @ShutterShock is this right?


60 because 60c, 4 because 4000 mah.

So 1c would be 4 amps and 60x4 is 240

So 240A

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It’s fine I already gave up on my build everything blew, :disappointed_relieved: lol

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Yah I mean his math is right, most manufacturers over rate their lipo cells though

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I wonder why it fryed everything tho the esc was ment to handle 720A of burst current I was only giving it 240A since I connected the batteries in series and it blew right when I switched the power switch on the esc so it was only like 1 second of 240A

That’s not really how that works. It wouldn’t have been drawing very much current at all. It’s probably because you had no anti-spark switch. The voltage and subsequent amps then rushed through that tiny connector

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You made two posts for the same Problem… why?


Wait, what? 12s on an esc? I don’t know which esc exactly you are using, but most of them wir with 6-8s max. I would double check that.

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Also this

Where are the mods in this forum???

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Ya I think that was my problem lol

12s on 6s esc, I just thought it would still recognize it as a 6s, sheesh just watched a guy for it on YouTube and it worked fine

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12S is good for 60V esc like the fukbox