Need help..spark from charger port

I have a tb 12s2p battery that seems to spark when I install the charger in the port now. the tip has burn on the side…am I needing a new charger port or is there something wrong with the wiring as I’m assuming the ground …it seems to charge fine just that spark will eventually burn the port away …thanks for your time and help

Is your charger on when you plug it in? My charger does this if it is off.

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You know what you might be on to something…I plugged in the charger to the wall first then plugged in the charger it sparked I was like wtf…tryed it again same shit …but then I realized my breaker was off in my room…no lights…so I turn the breaker on and the board was already plugged in so I left it charging …I never went back to try if it sparks being plugged in…I don’t want to burn the port out I figured I was down a charge port…I charged the board and unplugged it …rode it today seem fine …took a charge …maybe that’s the problem then… So it only does this with you when you plug the board first before the wall

Yes. I’m guessing because the voltage is much more similar with a dead battery (28v) and charger (42v) than a dead battery (28v) and o volt charger. If that makes sense. Or maybe a powered on charger has some sort of current limiting device idk.

Either way, I plugged mine in twice powered off and it made a light show. Every other time with the charger powered on it is fine

Yes this makes total sense to me. thank you for your response and help…much appreciated… cheers