Need Help to Bind Gt2B

Hello there, I write this as my last chance to get this this going. It’s driving me mad.

I own 2 GT2B one of them is modded, but none of them can bind. When I do the binding procedure the reciever stop blink as if it where binded but the remote keeps blinking and I can’t find any signal on the BLDC, i use the winning remote for now and it’s so dangerous because of all the cut out i don’t feel safe on my board ! Please help :slight_smile:

Follow this video exactly and it should bind easily.

Ahhh did you remember to take the binding key out once it is binded? I forgot about that the first time and i thought something was wrong.

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Yeah I tried that to remove the key , shut off then On but nothing. But i’m gonna give a try to this video

Had this same problem just a couple hours ago. I’ve modded a Sparkle mod. The transmitter binding light didnt light up but it stayed on permanently even while pressing down the bind button + turn on. You’ll need to connect both potentiometer cables and then try again. That way it’ll go into binding mode.

Do you have ppm activated?

Interesting, I didn’t have this problem, good to know though.