Need help to find an enclosure for a small deck (36")

Hi all,

I’ve read a lot on the forum before creating an account, but now I realy need your help. My built is almost finished (thanks to a lot of your advices) but I’m using a small plastic box as a temp solution for the enclosure. Now I need to have a real one but can’t find any website that sell the size I need. I have a 36" kicktail deck ( and need an enclosure of 28x14x4.5cm. So if you know websites that ship to France with this kind of products it would be nice to share :wink:


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You could get a custom enclosure from @psychotiller . May cost a bit, but you can choose whatever size you want. Not sure about shipping from California to France though.

Unikboards have an enclosure for small decks. Also in France.

Owner - @okp

I can’t see small enclosures on Unikboard, only one and it’s a big one.

411mm long

In my first post I talked about the size, I need 28x14x4.5cm. It’s a lot smaller :wink:

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Short mastercho maybe what you’re looking for

Or maybe this

But since your deck costs $24 not sure of your budget, maybe one of the Europe shops can help with something off the shelf

Also check these guys out


Thanks for the links I contacted them.


Best options are here

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Thanks to have pointed me in that direction, I did purchase the smallest from them. It should be fine.

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I’m a little worried, I made an order on the 16 of July but no news from it. I read on their website that they are very busy, but it’s been one month and no update, I tried to contact them on Facebook messenger, no answer, by email, no answer… I don’t know what to think here. Did you already order there ?

@fottaz this one’s for you

Alberto will get you your purchases, don’t worry about that. Timing however is always up for debate

Well hard for me to speak for @fottaz but it’s August in Italy the entire county grinds to a halt, everyone heads to the beach, pulls their bellies in and sticks their chests out.

I guess you could duct-tape over until it shows up

Hi, I’m in France, so it’s the same here on Auguts :wink:

My concern is more that nobody reply to any email for a month. I can understant delay, or being very busy, but it would be nice to inform customers about Holidays, or just giving a common delivery time. I’ll wait and see if you say it’s a valid shop I trust you guys.

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