Need help to fix Slick revolution flex 2.0!

Hey guys!

I have a slick revolution flex 2.0 Samsung 30Q 8S4P 36V 12Ah Motors 2 x 1200W 190KV

Unfortunately one of the motors is completely dead and Iā€™m struggling to find a replacement. Your help is highly appreciated!

Cheers :raised_hands:

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If you know the size of the motor, you can just replace it with a maytech, flipsky and other motors of the same size.

How its measured:

The focus is the 63mm and 74mm. Yours would be different.


How about you go get some bitches ā€¦

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Hi mate, ive got the same problem. Have you had any luck with a replacement that you could point me in the right direction with. Any help much appreciated.

No luck yet mate!

What size are those motors :thinking: Thought all you needed was a caliper to measure the can size and buy a similar KV rated flipsky/maytech one.